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Hambeast is a one man project from the States, dealing in unbelievably strange, stupid, outsider Ambient music. Simplistic, catchy Synth melodies underscored with sub Techno clicky beats, with weird samples and a somewhat unsettling vibe. This stuff is creepy and funny at the same time, which is something I always get a kick out of; this is like the soundtrack to a terrible early 90’s Science Fiction movie. This also has that kind of intangible Tardcore vibe, only achieved through crappy Electronics, and I really dig the ridiculous cover art. Easily one of the stranger releases available at Mortville Noise, which is certainly saying something. I have listened to this more often than I care to mention, It’s great, weirdo fun!

Mortville Noise


Blotter Acid Eucharist is the Psychedelic Noise project of J. Randall, utilising Binaural Tones to create sound-scapes of psychoactive auditory hallucination. A single track of sprawling, minimal, ambient Noise, very subtle and soft sounding, with spiraling left/right contrast tones and massive sounding low end dirges of vibration. This stuff is the complete antithesis to Randall’s other Noise projects (Seal Team 666, Japanese Torture Comedy Hour), and will appeal more to fans of Dark Ambient and Soundtrack Noise rather than Harsh stuff. I found this release to be extremely trippy and at least suggestively psychoactive; the effects of Binaural Tones vary from listener to listener, so I would advise listening to this without any hopes of getting high, rather enjoy it for what it is. A very passive listening experience, this must be listened to on headphones, and you should download the lossless FLAC file version for optimum effect. Very interesting.



Yet another vomitous, disgusting Gore project from Andy from Hyperemesis. 5 tape recorded tracks of belching, gnarly Goregrind with a crusted-over sound, hammering Drum Machine and grinding bass, all dripping with festering puke/roar vocal, the kind of which Andy is the Shaolin master. This has a more audible quality than many of Andy’s other projects, and is closer to straight up Dead Infection/Regurgitate worship than some of his noisier/crustier projects; of his other stuff I’d say this is most like Cadaveric Maggot Infestation. If you dig Hyperemesis or any affiliated project this one’s a total no brainer!



Kathogah is a Industrial/Noise/Post Metal project of Jon Engman, also of Custodian and Urth amongst others. The release is two tracks of lumbering, crushing Industrial in the vein of Godflesh or very old Pitchshifter. The production is very noisy and crackly, with layers of Noise woven beneath the muscular Bass and Drums, creating a very dense listening experience. Echo laden burly vocal drifts in and out of the musical framework, creating a simultaneously damaging and weirdly Ambient vibe. The metallic samples form a fibrous web of sounds worked into the cogs of the music, and the echo vocal works to pierce this and really accent the thunderous musical rumble. This stuff also really reminds me of the first couple of Depressor demos, as well as the obvious Godlesh influence. Great, great throwback Industrial Doom. Can Engman do no wrong? Massively recommended!

Minimal Flesh Audio


The first Seal Team 666 release, all recorded live behind the Boston Aquarium. 8 tracks of violent Science Fiction Pulse/Harsh Noise. Very futuristic and confusing, lacking any Ambience in favor of rampaging, blasting cuts of Pulse. There is a certain intricacy at work here, but really only serves to keep the record interesting and varied rather than any range between quiet and loud. The influence of 90’s Japanese Noise hangs over this release, specifically legendary Noise producer Pain Jerk, as it does most of Randall’s Harsh Nose output; to me this record sounds much like the Pain Jerk ‘Psychowars’ release from ’98. A very full-on, caustic listening experience, not relaxing or calming in any way at all. If your taste in Noise veers more on the side of Dark Ambient or Sound-scape then this probably wont do much for you. If however you enjoy stuff like Pain Jerk, MSBR or anything Harsh Noise related with lots of cuts and loops this one’s recommended.



3 track release from Harsh Noise grand magus Jah Excretion. Dissonant, Harsh sandblasting electronics scrape, dense as hell and super blissful. Harsh Noise layered and tempered with texture, with a very 90’s ‘Japanoise’/Dynamic Noise sound. As always the vibe is geared towards a blissed out, intense trip rather than dwelling in the gutter in terms of subject matter. If there’s one thing that’ll put me off a Noise project guaranteed, it’s some played out ‘gruesome’ porno/mysoginist theme, hence Jah Excretion being one of the most listened to Noise projects on my ipod. There’s an obvious stylistic nod to Dub and Harsh Bass Noise here also, although I’d be lying if I said that extends into the sonics of Jah Excretion particularly; if there are Dub Bass lines in here they’re so buried they can only be experienced on the level of the subconscious. Massively recommended! RIDE

Pro Noise.16


Tetrahydrocannibal is Sean Jenkins, contributor to this very blog, writer at LinesInWax and general fool behind Pointless Records. Sean spews out weed obsessed gurgling watery Gorenoise, replete with rolling, blasting Snares, burbling Harsh Noise and Bong vocal. That’s right, Sean’s bong is Tetrahydrocannibal’s vocalist. It works well as a tool for aquatic Gore vocal, and adds to the smoked out aesthetic. This stuff is super dank, rancid sounding and extremely noisy, being way more on Noise side of Gorenoise, with no riffs or groove and heaps of Noise walls and random drum patterns. One small quibble I have is that the whole recording is a little on the quiet side; it would be nice if this demo were a little louder as it would make the whole experience more damaging. I’m excited to hear more of this stuff, get stoked on the recently confirmed Tetrahydrocannibal/Ultracide split by downloading this, smoking up and dropping out!

GK#475 / Pointless Recs