Monthly Archives: September 2019


Hideous Musique Concrete type sounds of the absolute lowest order. The only thing I can compare either artist to, really, is NEGATIVLAND; I know there’s a vast world of plunderphonics type sounds out there but I’m not very knowledgeable about that sound at all. All I know is this split sounds so weird and headachy. Despicably lo fi, chaotically depraved collision of the reverend Albert Tross’s signature slime landscapes, full of seasick dread and moribund pointless sample attacks, and Kapt’n Krank’s tolerance defying weirdo cut’n’paste vocal sample assault fuck uppery. Stream of consciousness stand-up comedy routines, bad trips for the ill-prepared. Not recommended to anyone.

Mortville Noise


Weird sounding noisy Death/Gore from the States. The production on this one is just bizarre; moments here and there sound like hoovering dub bass lines, for god’s sake. Weird riffs, strange non-artsy drum patterns and arrangements, and strange Vocal exhortations to a bizarre demise. Those instruments have an odd, great tone, just humming away in total crypticism. Grimy, sometimes Doomy overdriven Death Metal, with a fair amount of tempo variation and little pieces of Industrial influence to be found. The thing I like best about Coffin Sore is that their demo isn’t trying to ape it’s heroes (whoever they may be) – I clearly don’t generally have a problem with the hero worship so prevalent in Grindcore, Goregrind, Death Metal etc, it’s just nice when a project like this one appears, firmly and uniquely fucking odd. Highly recommended!