Monthly Archives: March 2015


Huge retrospective collection of rancid noisy Grindcore from Germany. Near-formless whirlwind Noisecore/Grindcore with a faint whiff of ‘music’ and ‘riffs’ in there somewhere, with lots of variation in tempo throughout; semi-musical segments leading into pure Noisecore passages. Totally acrid and grinding Guitars/Bass, muffled ass clattering Drums and wildman savage high/low vocal grunt. Although the recording quality varies, some of  this stuff sounds dense and thick, with the Guitars and Bass combining into a ‘tone’ not that dissimilar to Warsore’s. The thinner recordings also sound great, just unfortunately slightly quieter. Furious, chaotic, massively stupid and barbaric. The little review from Metal Observer included on the bandcamp page pretty much sums up Purulent Shitface better than I ever could. Really good.

Mortville Noise