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Mind fracturing Pulsing Harsh Noise from Kenny Sanderson A.K.A. FACIALMESS. Coils of sound unravel, leaving moments of near silent Ambience from which to draw breath, between noxious suffocating blasts of Pulsed/warped Harsh Noise, with the expressed intent of smashing animal experimentation; the ‘Total Libertaion’ referred to in the record’s title. Brief moments of pained, shouted vocal and short anti-vivisectionist samples add a nice accent to an already confusing and illogical listen. The sounds here are very reverent to Japanese Noise artists/records from the 90’s; the record I think this reminds me of most is Kazumoto Endo’s ‘When You Were Out’, a personal favourite record of mine. Endo’s contaminated sampling and back-and-forth cut up style are very much present here, and these two tracks have little forward momentum, rather they spin from sound to sound, utterly disorientating and battering the listener with myriad distortion, sample, texture and timbre. An excellent release.

GK#65 / Pro Noise.07


Nasty, skronky Noise Rock from the States. sperm sounds a lot like Cows with Hardcore leanings, with girthy Bass work slithering over muscular mid paced Drums, with burly Hardcore vocal/introverted tonal signing. The songs are actually pretty catchy, stripped-back and Punk, and there’s definitely the artsy aggression present in Big Black, Black Flag or even old Unsane in amongst these sounds. The bruising Hardcore moves into soft Post Punk sections with spindly Guitars, adding a sort frailty or vulnerability to such meaty Hardcore/Noise Rock. This combining of light and dark, aggressive and introverse, makes for a very potent brew of sounds, one that’s had me going back for multiple repeat listens. If you dig any of the above mentioned bands, don’t sleep on this one. If you dig it pick up a tape from Black Dots!



Abraxas is a Grindcore band from the States, sharing members with Robocop, Slavestate 641a, Sutekh Hexen and others. 20 minutes plus of dense, claustrophobic Hardcore/Grind. I would maybe describe this as ‘Grind Violence’, a term I’m not all that comfortable using since it kind of doesn’t mean anything, but Abraxas combine a kind of Grindcore aesthetic with a 90’s Powerviolence sense of momentum, ranging from mad fast to mad slow at the drop of a hat. The Guitar/Bass on this demo is extremely thick and muddy, giving a kind of Sludge vibe, the vocal is very forced, bellowed and pained and there’s lots of Noise woven through the demo, filling negative space with volatile Harsh. The production is murky and stodgy, well suiting these slow/fast compositions. Crawling, miserable and full of promise, recommended to fans of Column Of Heaven, Robocop, Detroit or perhaps Six Brew Bantha. Snag a tape from Kydoimos if you dig it!

Kydoimos Records


Nearly 13 minutes of Crusty Mince/Grindcore from US band Biocidio. Fairly groovy, classic sounding Mincecore/Grindcore done the right way. They do a good job of balancing the D beats and blast beats, and there’s plenty of mid paced Death Metal-ish stomp here too, as well as an (un)healthy dose of ripping Crust, and loads of catchy three chord Punk style parts. The vocal is a classic Grindcore low low grunt, perfectly suited to this style. Production is raw but thick and meaty, making those stomping, Mincing parts really swing and the Guitars/Bass sound girthy as fuck. Reminds me of Dirsupt, Agathocles, Rot, Excruciating Terror or Subcut. Really, really enjoyable tape, get into it!



Lush, lo fi waves from ULTRA ウルトラ. Blissful, ASMR inducing codeine sounds, full of chintzy incidental samples, hollow Hip Hop beats and reverb drenched melodies sampled from Piano, Synth and even Pan Pipes. Yes, Pan Pipes. Spectral Japanese voices guide you through an enormous hotel structure, with a view of a sprawling neon lit cityscape from a glass elevator, rising silently to the the top floor. Equal parts 80’s and Cyberpunk, decadent, futurist and self absorbed. Some of the most relaxing, pointless and calming Vaporwave/Synthwave I’ve heard in a while. Painkiller music for prescription drug addicts.

Fortune 500


5 tracks of downtuned, vile Goregrind slop from Swedish one man unit Urologist. You know what to expect; samples from Gore movies, hammering programmed blast beats, total ripping chainsaw Guitars and disgusting burbling vocal retch. The drum machine here is awesome, and has that oh-so-desirable unweildy, rattling sound perfected by Dysmenorrheic Hemorrhage. The recording quality is raw and ropey but very loud, and pretty much perfect for this kind of Gore. Thick, punk, occasionaly groovy without being annoying and noisy as hell, and of course recommended.



Creepy weirdo sounds from Albert Tross. Ambient, claustrophobic, minimalist sounds stretched out and looped, creating an unsettling vibe of shady lurkers and nasty stuff. Creepy things slithering about. Sub human creatures wallowing in the darkest crypts. More tape loop/sound collage than harsh, very lo fi and low rent. As always with Albert Tross, there’s a very fine line here between goofing off and menacing, and this record walks back and forth across it often.  As silly and weird as Albert Tross’ brand of Noise is, the sounds present here are dynamic and keep the ear engaged. I also really like the kitchy cover image with the 1970’s colours, an aesthetic that totally matches the Twin Peaks style nightmare within. Definitely not Harsh Noise, but if you enjoy your sounds Ambient, impenetrable and cinematic you’ll dig this. Deeply troubling and un-nerving, like tripping balls in your Grandmother’s living room.