Monthly Archives: September 2015


Cephalophore is a recent Goregrind project from Canada, featuring Evan from Metastasis and GoFuckYourself, among others. This demo has a very old school disgusting Mortician vibe, with the low mixed drum machine clicking away under a fat tide of gelatinous Death Metal tinged Goregrind riffs and totally inhuman Troll grunt vocal. Sloppy, barbaric, awesome. Dusty old Science Fiction and Fantasy readings give Cephalophore a unique identity that slightly sidesteps your more usual pathologically obsessed Goregrind band, and they’re stronger for it. Awesome demo, and a band to watch. Goregrind to vanquish your coward Visigoth enemies to.



Upbeat, Anime distant Future Funk from Mexico City via NeoTokyo, released on Keats Collective. Crisp sample tracks assembled into an utterly beautiful, vibrant smorgasbord of sophomoric freak Funk. Anime aesthetics, scintillating Bass lines cut from obscure 80’s electro Funk and Jazz, love song Pop refrains from forgotten icons, Muzak chintz, occasional Trap click, massive Big Beats; an absorbing journey through a summer time in a possible future city hive. Danceable and not depressing, there’s little of the downcast, irreverent consumerist critique that made ‘Vaporware’ and other affiliated sounds so popular within the EDM internet underground, but I feel that in embracing a more up-beat, carefree and ultimately positive vibe, マクロスMACROSS 82-99 sets their own standard and triumphs. A personal favourite among such recent ‘Wave’ affiliated releases.




Cross Class from the States play raging old school Hardcore with verve and balls. Brutish, blunt yell Vocal, tear-ass Guitar Thrashin’ and toms-heavy hard handed Drumming, not the fastest, not the heaviest, but super pissed off and with plenty of intent. 8 simplistic songs, ear ringing barely-production, less than 7 minutes. No frills, no bullshit. I’ll always have time for a meat-and-potatoes Hardcore record played without regard for the constantly changing cool/not cool landscape of Punk, and Cross Class does this deftly. If you like Hardcore without an Entombed-core sheen or take-me-seriously tuff guy posturing, get this! Buy a tape too.