Monthly Archives: August 2015


Swirling, astrally projected Harsh Noise Ambience from Poland’s own Purist. The first of these two tracks builds from very low swells of tone, barely present sound building residually into a stocatto Pulse assault, shimmering tones hammering you in random patterns. The second track follows a similar path, drawing a sombre Drone to it’s logical, destructive conclusion, waves breaking from the Aube-like Harsh Ambience into a distant siren call of distortion. Ghostly, abstract, beautiful. Field recordings woven into the fabric of Noise add a spectral, weird element, making these pieces intimate and enveloping. Intangible Noise. A most engaging listening experience.



Weird 30XX tape release. Hyped club music from a dark, distant reality. Trill space daemons feasting on your soul, making mix tapes of awful Internet Trap while they torture your useless carbonised flesh-vessel in an inter-dimensional chapel of ghouls. Yung Pazuzu got too lit, it would seem. Lots of cuts and breaks, distorted samples playing over click Traps and repetitive gameboy-isn melodies. Maybe, in a weird way, this is the most ‘approachable’ 30XX release… woah. Deep.



Collection of unreleased 30XX tracks released posthumously I think. 30XX has always been a very engaging project to me, combining lots of styles, sounds and aesthetics from other media that I enjoy. Goreman’s 30XX is singular, pure and in a way perfect. These tracks feature plenty of collaborations, and cover ground from digitally sourced Noise, freakout Gabber, Speedcore, Goregrind, Gorenoise, Darkwave and others, and do so with deft ability; combining into a hyper-defined singularity of digital destruction. Live drums, Drum Machine blast beats, reverse Gore churn Vocal, hyped thumping Bass pulses, occasional J-Pop parts, samples, dive-bomb solos, Gore spewing, introverted, Cyberpunk, Internet-genre abusing madness. This actually makes a good introduction to 30XX’s weird alternate reality take on all the sounds they meddle(d) in. Essential.