3 track release from Harsh Noise grand magus Jah Excretion. Dissonant, Harsh sandblasting electronics scrape, dense as hell and super blissful. Harsh Noise layered and tempered with texture, with a very 90’s ‘Japanoise’/Dynamic Noise sound. As always the vibe is geared towards a blissed out, intense trip rather than dwelling in the gutter in terms of subject matter. If there’s one thing that’ll put me off a Noise project guaranteed, it’s some played out ‘gruesome’ porno/mysoginist theme, hence Jah Excretion being one of the most listened to Noise projects on my ipod. There’s an obvious stylistic nod to Dub and Harsh Bass Noise here also, although I’d be lying if I said that extends into the sonics of Jah Excretion particularly; if there are Dub Bass lines in here they’re so buried they can only be experienced on the level of the subconscious. Massively recommended! RIDE

Pro Noise.16

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