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a2221036969_10The infamous West Bay Coalition once again deliver to you, the listener, an audio shrapnel bomb armed with beats of the funky & blast variety. Two acts. One 7″.

Side 1 contains the Healer demo, released last year on Tony Molina’s Smoking Room/650 Tapes label. Straight up no-bullshit powerviolence with the same ebbs and flows that made bands like Crossed Out, E.T.O. & Immortal Fate produce such memorable sounds in their day. Musically there’s no fat to be cut. From the opening bell you’re being pummeled. Your only break are brief moments in between rounds where you are treated by a variety of clips & samples (the Delfonics one being my favorite). I will say, if you use samples, you’re taking a risk. Your music can be awesome but if you use the wrong shit it’ll downgrade the listening experience. Sometimes it’ll elevate it if the music is good but not great (this is rare but happens). But other times a band gets it right. Which is exemplified on this record. Aside from the composers, equal credit is due to recording extraordinaire Bart Thurber, a mainstay in the west coast underground music scene. He’s just as responsible for helping shape this sound over the years as the musicians that innovated it. Essentially doing for powerviolence & grindcore what Scott Burns did for Florida death metal in the 80’s & 90’s. Combined with the dense tone, rapid fire timing, poignantly direct lyrics & smooth transitions, these 5 songs should make you hope this group puts out a full length in the near future.

Side 2 holds 3 tracks by Redwood City’s own DJ Eons (infamous BBQ enthusiast & most well known for his work as the guitar player for Sheep Squeeze). Though he didn’t come alone. You couldn’t ask for a better rhythm section in Ramon Salcido (Agents of Satan/Plutocracy/Funeral Shock/Redacted) & Andres Wade (God’s America/Cogs & Sprockets). The feeling you should take away from this is, like the Healer side, you want more. West Coast hip hop as fuck with a downbeat & almost futuristic jazzy vibe that makes you feel like you’re about to throw down in a Sergio Leone movie. But you brought an uzi instead of a six shooter. I could listen to an entire LP of this. And while almost too short, its a perfect companion to the mayhem provided on the previous side. Once again DJ Eons paints a well crafted & distinctly clear picture of the hip hop flavor that the bay area is known for, all while continuing to innovate his sound and utilize elements of other musical styles he’s excelled at to create another pleasurable listening experience worthy of anyone’s turntable.


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