I had a bit of a personal falling out with Death Grips earlier this year when I read all about their ridiculous and childish approach to gig commitments, but after a while I realised that this was probably just some silly publicity stunt and I’d been sucked right into it. That aside, I finally got around to checking out the album that got them dropped from Epic Records, the rather phallic No Love Deep Web. On the first listen, No Love… just sounds like Death Grips. I know that’s probably a stupid thing to say, but my first impression is more of the same. That gradually falls by the wayside though, as I get into the tracks. “Lil Boy” is a Death Grips classic, and “No Love” makes me remember why I loved this group so much in the first place, with its heavy beat, dark electronics and impossibly unusual rap vocal approach. “Black Dice” is another favourite of mine, as is the sparse “Hunger Games” and the second half of the title, “Deep Web”. It’s easy to see why Death Grips are so big at the moment. They seem to appeal to a whole spectrum of different underground scenes outside of Rap and Hip Hop with their dank, mysterious sound and heavy beats. Worth a listen if you’ve got an open mind.


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  1. Zomb Knotts said:

    definitley dude. Death grips are a very open sounding group. if you have an open mind that is.

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