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One of my favourite spilts on Grindcore Karaoke. I first heard both of the bands on the ‘Drum Machinegun’ compilation that Randall put together for Relapse a few years back, and like Black Mayonnaise I was stoked to see them resurface. Mechabongzilla is a one man drum machine Doom unit, JJKR-3KS is a one man Electronic Cyber Grindcore project. Mechabongzilla offer two Bongzilla covers, as you might imagine. Crushing, rumbling Doom with occasional blastbeats and bong-raw, raspy vocal, made yet more awesome by the production and drum machine sound. This stuff sounds weirdly ethereal and spacey, but totally rocking and groovy at the same time. I could have definitely used more of their stuff. JJKR-3KS play an absolutely manic brand of Electronic Noisecore, with unbearably fast blastbeats, millions of sounds and samples colliding, dense Harsh Noise and completely deranged vocal. Electronica, Grindcore and Harsh Noise all melt into a pile of disgusting audio slime. The varied styles on this split make it absolutely worth a listen, particularly if you enjoyed the previously mentioned ‘Drum Machinegun’ comp. Dig!



Download also includes the ‘Smoke You Out!’ E.P. I remember this band from trolling ANb’s Myspace page a few years back, I absolutely love these guys. Marion Barry are a two piece Grindcore/Power Violence band from California, who play spastic, burly fast Hardcore with lots of hysterical samples, bursts of Harsh Noise, blastbeats, slow doomed out moments and barking, shrieking vocal. I love this record, listened to it many, many times since it’s GK release. Again if for some reason you haven’t heard this yet download it, amazing band who get a lot less hype than they deserve.



Mutwawa, a Noise two piece consisting of Jason Hodges (Suppression, Bermuda Triangles, Brown Piss) and Gary Stevens (Head Molt, A.S.D.), play an eclectic blend of electronic/techno and Noise. Seedy, Grimy, Science Fiction club music with Afro Beats, World Music samples and manual rhythms. Waves of pulsing sounds and layers of distortion welded to pounding ritualistic Dance beats. This stuff is intense, psychedelic and very unique. I imagine Mutwawa to be blasting out of some ropey strip club in Blade Runner. Get into it!

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LIFES - DEMO - cover

What has four legs, lives in Milwaukee & has the power to make you get up and wanna’ punch something? No, it’s not a golden retriever made out of cheese with a stereo blasting Crossed Out strapped to it’s back. It’s LIFES! An amazing two-piece band (bass & drums) featuring members of Get Rad, Conquest Of Death, Party By The Slice, and Kungfu Rick. They sound mean, fast as fuck & super catchy (Like if Artimus Pyle was an insane bass-driven PV band) . But my favorite thing about this group is that they bring something new to the table all while having a sound that reminds you of the classic west coast powerviolence bands you’ve come to know & love. Who knew this kind of brutal musical depravity could exist in Wisconsin? This demo contains 8 songs that are sure to melt your brain.¬†From the opening track “New Flag” to “Nothing New” (just try to resist the urge to jump up and start moshing around in you living room while listening to this, I fucking dare you!). Hell, there’s even a DEATHTHREAT cover at the end. I see many awesome releases for this band in the future, so jump on this free download now. While you’re at it, get in contact with them and request they come to your town and blow it up. You won’t regret it.


This is one of my favourite Hip Hop releases on Grindcore Karaoke, a collaboration between the Boxguts and Sebrox stables. Esoteric, echo laden samples, new school production and beats with lots of effects and hooks abound. A really nice, mixed production in that it combines melody and dissonance confidently. The rapping is very left of center, strange and antagonistic, full of paranoia and aggression, which again makes for a nice interplay in front of the somewhat ambient, occasionally relaxing beats. FANTASTIC artwork too! Even if you don’t dig Rap or Hip Hop I highly recommend downloading this.



Incredibly dense, cryptic Noise from Japan. Disk-3 is a two man noise group who create spiraling sonic concrete with a great deal of texture and ‘design’. Pulse, White Noise and human whispers. Unknown screeching, tense quieter moments filled with creepy drones, a real mix of different Noise styles create a very potent and interesting stew of electronics. The release includes live tracks, which I always like in a Noise record because you can hear the construction of the sound in the moment. I really like the cover for this release also. Check it out!



More Harsh Noise care of Spore Spawn from Japan. A one man Noise unit, this release in centered on Space Invaders and from what I can tell the soundtrack and sound effects from the game are manipulated to create waves of blistering dissonance. This sounds analogue to me, and there’s some vocal in there somewhere. Blown out, somewhat psychedelic and caustic. Voice, Noise, Game, Beer!