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Cystoblastosis is a recent 3 peice Mince/Gore band from St Petersberg. This short demo is comprised of stomping Mince tempo punk blasts, with rattling, strangling Bass, echo-ish rehearsal room Drums and necrotic, rasping pitch shifted Vocal. It’s crusted over, reeking and disgusting, with lots of troglodyte grooves, blasting parts and little subtlety, poorly and loudly recorded. The recording quality well accentuates Cystoblastosis’ plodding stampede of weird internet Mincecore. Gory, putrid, Punk as fuck, low rent, lo-fi, lovely. Check it out.




Take That Vile Fiend is another mutant Brainchild of Brad Blarghst, maniac responsible for Super Fun Happy Slide, Blarghstrad and others. Here we have 4 rampant, Noisy Gore abominations, all crapped out in a single afternoon by the mad doctor himself. The results are chaotic and Noisegrind-ish, with some structured moments bursting into pure churning Noise blasts. Bass riffs buried under a tidal wave of Drums and gurgly Vocal spew. A sumptuously placed Simpsons quote opens the demo, and sets the tone of goofy, ‘sloopy’ fun very aptly. Sounds like a somehow-even-more nonsensical version of Super Fun Happy Slide, if such a thing could be possible. Excellent!

Radical Blarghst


Here follows a short interview with Harry, the madman behind the dread headache-maker Albert Tross, Leader Of The Demons, who kindly agreed to slither from his bunker and disseminate just exactly what in God’s name he thinks he’s doing.

How did you find an interest in Noise?

At an early age, I started messing around with tape manipulation. Creating loops, replacing vocals to songs with weird noises, slowing down music, piling loops on top of one another, or just recording white noise and hoping for some sort of interference.
No idea where it really came from. Boredom? Soon after that I heard an early CD by Laibach, which led me to other groups like Non and SPK. The thought of doing harm to others with nothing but sound amused me, so I continued.

How long have you been making and releasing music, as Albert Tross or otherwise? Do you have any other projects currently?

My early tapes are gone for the most part. I found one, fuck knows what kind of shape its in. I might try to rip that one day. Albert Tross, however, started as a casio keyboard’s drumming and a distorted, shitty guitar. I’d guess that was around 2001.
Most of that stuff still exists, but its pretty horrible. I was eventually introduced to SoundForge, a couple of years later, and began experimenting with manipulation again.
There’s some other shit I’m working on, sure. Takes me forever to complete shit though. There’s this attempt at krautrock using the GarageBand app that’s been sitting unfinished for way too long. There’s also some shit with actual instruments that I
sporadically start and stop working on. Not sure what kind of direction I want to go with it, but it will be pretty noisy and sloppy. I also sing for Stab!

What are the inspirations behind the frightening dreamscape that is Albert Tross, both sonically and visually?

Migraines and hallucinations. I’ve had those problems for as long as I can remember. Albert Tross is my way of re-enacting the pain and anxiety.

What equipment or instruments do you use to create your Noise?

I mostly just use the SoundForge program and stolen music/sounds. I don’t think I would ever use anything else and feel right calling it Albert Tross.

What does the process of creating new material entail for you?

A clouded mind and a couple of hours of free time. I just plop down in front of the computer and start digging through this massive collection of acquired sounds. I might go into it with an idea on what I want to achieve, even then I often stray from that
plan. Its mostly just haphazard trash. I’ll create some sort of mess and sort it into a folder when I feel its completed. I usually have 4 or 5 collection folders going at a time of tracks that I feel fit a certain mood. I’ll go back to them over and over again at
a later point when I’ve completely forgotten what everything sounds like, then I’ll either work on them some more or wait until I’ve forgotten about them all over again. The whole process doesn’t make much sense.

Who do you like/listen to/follow in the world of Noise?

I honestly don’t know too much about the whole noise scene. I know the guys behind Arachnid, Atomic Cockbombs, Kap’n Krank and Mahler Haze, so I listen to and enjoy their output. Andy at Mortville shared a link for this noise outfit called Beelzebukkake, which I
thought was really incredible. Reminded me of those countless hours sitting behind a stitcher/trimmer in a print shop as a teenager. He really captured how all of those loud, abrasive factory noises can become quite rhythmic after a while.

What do you like listening to outside of Noise?

Metal, mostly. Krautrock, schlager, oompah. Shit that either makes me want to drink or break something or both. Just snagged a massive amount of recordings by a synth group called Nightcrawlers, really enjoying them.

Any releases on the horizon?

I recently completed a track for a split release with Arachnad, not sure when that will be out. Started working on some stuff for Kareeye Tapes, far from finished on that though. There’s always my usual mess of incomplete folders too. I’ve got five
separate concepts going at once right now. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to do an entire album centered completely around monster movies, but I haven’t been able to wrap my brain around it completely yet. Or maybe a Haunted House album.
One of these days.

Thanks again Harry! Go scope out the ever confusing Albert Tross, Leader Of The Demon’s extensive body of work here. Bring aspirin. Bring alcohol. Do NOT bring psychedelics.




Goregrind from Russia/Holland and Chile. Butcher M.D. specialises in the kind of medically accurate, tumor dissecting pathological Goregrind that Nx5 kicks out on an endless basis. Tight, clipped, blood thinning drum programming, surreally precise slabs of Gore Guitars, and exhaustive vomitous gurgle Vocal from none other than Dr. Erwin de Groot. The songs casually move from D Beatish Punk sctions to all out blasting effortlessly and satisfyingly. Totally fucking excellent and altogether too short. Check out their full length here and pay something to download it. GBA play a similar brand of Ghoulish Goregrind, with a touch less precision and more slop. If Butcher M.D. is the cruel, cold surgeon, GBA is the deranged necrophile mutilating corpses in the morgue. More Gorenoise-ish gore tornado parts, maniac riffing with super cold ping Snare blast beats, obligatory wounded animal shifted Vocal. Gross shit! A pairing of similarly excellent current Gore projects. Buy a copy from Twisted Truth Records, poser!

Butcher M.D. Bandcamp / Gruesome Bodyparts Autopsy Bandcamp



Demo from Misourri entity Horse Meat. Super-Krud internet Noisecore, with spectral blurt/grunt echo delay vocal, random pattern sort-of blast beats and overblown Noise gurlge, delayed to shit something(?). This is the kind of demo bandcamp exists to host. Total, utter garbage of the unchanging and unrepentant type. Sickening, depraved, unprovoked, low culture. As I listen to this, I question my very urge to write about such inept, stupid, awesome nonsense. Therefore, highly recommended!



Clogged is a recent project from Australia, featuring members of Roskopp, The Kill, Super Fun Happy Slide and others, adding yet another band to an ever growing incest colony of excellent Grindcore from Melbourne. Clogged here presents a tidal wave of gory gastric flu toilet tornado grindcore virulence. Fat throbbing gore riffs, hyper blasting, deranged Drumming, 3 headed roar/shriek/shifted Vocal, a big Noisecore hard-on sporting Goregrind monstrosity, bursting out of a secret lab and consuming scientists whole. Dense, nasty, un-serious, bizarre and brutal. Their cover of Anal Cunt’s ‘Branscombe Richmond’ is right on the money, and the final track ‘D-rex remix’ is really, really dumb. Just the ticket. I highly recommend dropping 6 credits on this and getting yourself a physical copy, which you can do at the below link. So gross!

Radical Blarghst


Cephalophore is a recent Goregrind project from Canada, featuring Evan from Metastasis and GoFuckYourself, among others. This demo has a very old school disgusting Mortician vibe, with the low mixed drum machine clicking away under a fat tide of gelatinous Death Metal tinged Goregrind riffs and totally inhuman Troll grunt vocal. Sloppy, barbaric, awesome. Dusty old Science Fiction and Fantasy readings give Cephalophore a unique identity that slightly sidesteps your more usual pathologically obsessed Goregrind band, and they’re stronger for it. Awesome demo, and a band to watch. Goregrind to vanquish your coward Visigoth enemies to.