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Sepik is a Punk/Hardcore project from Paul of Wadge. Apparently he was going for a kind of Leatherface type sound here. Stomping, Punky Hardcore with shouting/singing vocal and a very similar recording style to Wadge, just with more breathing space between instruments. The Drum Programming/Sound is very similar to Wadge, although with more groove and swing and less blastbeats. The songs are catchy and raw with a kind of naked-Pop sensibility and a pissed off, melancholic mood. The Leatherface influence really comes through in the melodies present here; Poppy but dark and brooding, and always Punk. Melancholy, fast and rad. Very cool DIY Artwork too. Wadge fans/everyone else should absolutely check this out! These songs will totally stick to your ribs.



Chulo totally rules. Exactly the kind of blown out, bass heavy, sociopathic Grindcore I’m always in the mood to hear. Lo-fi, unbelievably pissed, deprived and hungry. Moody Sludge parts, lightning fast Grindcore bursts, samples and insane bellow/shriek vocal. Cruelty, abject cruelty. The four-track hissing recording does this record many favours; Chulo really do have that ‘Power Violence’ vibe/sound that so many of these younger Hardcore bands aspire to, that raging, dangerous and nihilistic feel. Think more Crossed Out than M.I.T.B. There’s a definite Noisecore type sound present here also, and at times ‘Odio A Primera Vista’ sounds like ‘Open Wound’ era Warsore or Noisecore era Violent Headache. Ingest cocaine, extort small businesses.



Mickey Napalm is an MC/Producer, and also makes Digital/Electronic Grindcore under the name Infected Womb. His Hip Hop stuff combines crisp sampling from Soul and Jazz, snappy, fresh programmed beats and euphoric and beautiful arrangements with hyperactive flows about Grindcore, weed and food, and an alienated resentful worldview, all shot through a laconic vocal delivery. The combination of vibes totally works, this reminds me a lot of Definitive Jux artists, or specifically Aesop Rock and Jughead in terms of the interplay between production and MC. This is worth mentioning because four producers, including Mickey Napalm, contributed to the record and it all coalesces perfectly. Thoughtful, catchy, hypnotic, outsider Hip Hop. The record is available to download fromĀ  Laugh Now Records also, and will be getting a physical release on December 3rd so check back at Laugh Now in the coming weeks and snag a copy!




Another Gore/Noise release from The Lillypad/Amphibian Worship blog and the Ultra Noisy Shit!! blog. The Phyllomedusa tracks here are a deviation from their Last Days Of Humanity worship, instead offering up Harsh Noise Wall with pitch shifted vocal. This stuff is heavy and dank as a spore cloud and headache-inducing. Random, crushing and amphibian. Occasional quieter, more ambient movements with distorted spoken word and amphibian calls keep the sounds here interesting and their sound-scapes uniquely froggy. I prefer their Gorenoise stuff in general, but I enjoy their side of this split. The Varanus Komodoensis (Komodo Dragon) ‘tracks’ are some of the filthiest, heaviest, most intense sounds I’ve ever heard. Programmed Drums so fast they become a single Noise tone in parts, Guitar and/or Bass so buried in distortion it’s completely inaudible and vocal so pitch shifted and pestilent it’s stupid. The most tinny Snare sound ever experienced by man. Unbelievably manic, stupid, intense and mystifying, and sonically way closer to HNW than Gorenoise or Noisecore. I believe V.K. is a one man project from Chile, and to me at least his stuff is pretty much the xenith of bedroom Gorenoise. I don’t listen to this stuff that often, but when I do I’m always left speechless. I mean I can’t even tell if this is genius good or retarded bad. Utterly, utterly ridiculous, yet brilliant. A great, bizarre split.

Mediafire – Linked from the Amphibian Worship blogspot

Mediafire – Linked from the Ultra Noisy Shit!! blogspot


Brain Hypertension is a Gorenoise project from Chile (I believe). 1 track of rancid, heinous Gore with aquatic gurgle vocal, Punk as fuck Guitars, D Beats, Grinding Bass and loads of blastbeats, lasting about 1 minute 40 seconds. I can’t tell if these are programmed drums or not, but they’re crazy fast. This reminds me of Last Days Of Humanity’s ‘Putrefaction in Progress’, with arrangement and structure rather than endless blasting. I could see this appealing to fans of more traditional Goregrind like old Dead Infection or Regurgitation also. Taken from Ultra Noisy Shit!!, a Gore/Grind/Noise label who offer their Tape/CDr releases for free download via Rapidshare at their blog. Their tape releases seem very limited in terms of numbers so if you want one act fast.

Rapidshare – Linked from the Ultra Noisy Shit!! blogspot


Areyfu is a Noise unit out of Australia. ‘Amethyst’ is a beautiful, scarring Harsh Noise barrage, cutting between ambient sound-scapes and devastating Noise eruptions. Fissures in lush, light ambiance spew molten magma Electronics and audio destruction. Psychedelic, disorientating and achingly dense. The range of dynamics present here creates an interesting, rewarding listening experience; there’s a keen sense of design and intent here not often found in Harsh Noise, avoiding Chaos Theory Noise and zeroing in on specific movements and sonic phrasing in Power Electronics. Intelligent, thoughtful, ear bleeding Harsh Noise.

GK#142 / Pro Noise .05



Unrelenting one man Gore from France. Blue Holocaust are right up there with Hyperemesis, Birth, Oniku or Hydropneumothorax in the current wave of amazing Goregrind stinking up the underground. ‘Twitch of the Death Nerve’ is 32 tracks of Giallo obsessed, thrashy, sloppy Gore, with unweildy programmed drums and disgusting, roaring vomit vocal. Sludgy, vomitous and infected-sounding. Slower half-time stomping parts, Thrash riffs, interesting drum patterns, Groove parts and an overall old-school Grindcore/Gore vibe. Loads of movie samples stitch the whole release together, and the production is very noisy and crushing. I like the Giallo movie theme, again because I find much of the Pathology Goregrind out there quite boring and stale. I also love the OG collage style Artwork here, very colorful and eyecatching. Pierre, the maniac behind this foetid creation, also runs the excellent Braindead Zine, which if you are unaware of you should absolutely check out. Gross.