Monthly Archives: February 2018


Short dose of Mortician worshipping Goregrind from Australia. Storming drum machine (I presume) blast beats underpin crude riffs, Guitar and Bass sounds perfectly grinding away beneath vile, shifted vocal retches. Splatter-y, fast as fuck and with grooving, slower head-banging parts too, fitting nicely between Goregrind and Death Metal; there’s plenty of bouncing, catchy riffs in this brew, along with the torrential blast beat sections. Reminds me of Necrony via Mortician – speed freak Goregrind for mouth breathers.



Putrid two man Death Metal from members of Undergang and Anatomia. Creeping, slimy, Gory Death of a somewhat Finnish sound, stinking and utterly cadaverous. Inhabits a nice cross section of Death and Doom, Ripping blasting parts festering comfortably amongst slower, boneheaded grooving Doom parts. Memorable riffs straight from the crypt, shambolic drums recorded in that just-right, loud and present but somehow distant and hissing way, and a varied vocal that grunts and growls up a storm. Great demo, this one. Don’t sleep, Ghouls.