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Vaporwave House cassette/minidisk. Sizzling, shimmering, narcosis and neuralgia, palm beach mental desertion, super 90’s cyber  cool/lame, a smorgasbord of sampling, the Miami coke dealer blizzard of ethereal vaporhaze and e-vacuation, nostalgia endusing PSOne aesthetics with the cream lined dinner jacket Yacht Rock vibe too, succulent silken Bass and crisp clean Guitars, sampled and filtered synths and keys and pert beats, upbeat and cocaine stoned around the edges, effervescent and vaporous, combining French House and Chopped and Screwed Lean dynamics right on the palette. Myself and the abominable FuzzWhore recently enjoyed a shared Gonzo listen of ‘Codename: Fatwave Therapy’ with a tampon bomber spliff under a tree during a hailstorm. It was simply marvelous. I’m new to the Fat Man and I’m digging this shit big time.

Palm ’84

Bizarre ‘n Brutal Gore 3-way from the states. Hit-Run Drivers mangle drum machine mincing Grindcore, short tracks stacked with many Guitar parts old Carcass-style, and absolutely crushing primitive drum machine squeezing fat from carbonized eyesockets, some of the best song titles in the game, volatile acrid noisy splatter grind! Heavy, dynamic and fucking putrid, a similar vibe to Reekorrhoea or Pyemesis, but with a much fuller sound a more Metal riffs. Junt curls out 3 piles of super-heavy blasting deathly Goregrind with some Brutal Death Metal heft and silly keyboards, Deterioration style (less the keys), variably gruesome vocal ejaculations, gruesome gurgles and maniac grind yelps, with live drums and a sniff of silliness. Putrid Stu’s one man carnage closes the spectacle, mincing Goregrind terror with some super low low vocals and some filthy fucked up deathly riffs and big fat bass sound, like something between old Gut, Plasma and LDOH . Absolutely dripping with audial phlegm and production slime. Ghoulish!

Rectal Purulence

Putrid Stu Bandcamp

Hit-Run Drivers Bandcamp

Junt Bandcamp

Ohioan drum machine grinding brutalepsis, Goregrinding Noisecore cacophony of super noisy ultrafast lo-fi instrumentation and old school Grindcore low/high vocal patterns, grinding as fukk bass and mega fast lightning drum patterns full of fills and details yet totally primitive and head smashing. Absolutely repugnantly minimalist, burnt-to-a-fatty-crisp drum machine Goregrind for true depraved desensitized blast addicts only. 12 super short  Dys Hem and Autophagia worshipping blasters. Blast Addict is at the cutting edge of the most sickening, dinful, din-some shit. “MECHANICALLY SEPARATED MISANTHROPIC HYPERGOREGRIND”.

Blast Addict

Blaspheming blasting Death Metal from the States. ‘Strange Customs’ has drawn comparisons to Proclamation and early Deicide, influences amongst others with which Cult Graves harness a savage rite of Death Metal all their own. Riff-centric yet utterly primal, dismal, vile necromantic Death Metal; rabid strangulating riffs and solos with transgressive sort-of grooves,  plummeting bombastic drums of death with tempo variations and nuances, full of the erect powerful primality that elevates this sort of ghoulish, slobbering riff feast, and decimating, ear crushing production with squashed ambience and audial clarity. This has a similarly grinding feel and sound to Gravesend or Caustic Wound at times, too, and there’s a blackened edge to some of the more chaotic guitar parts, sometimes coming off like Lucifer’s Hammer in their more demented, heretical throes. Crucial brutal.


Experimental cacophonous electronics from Skirn, a recent electronic Noisecore project from Gonzo ally Janus, also of Uddercock and Kusari Gama Kill, amongst others. Opaque, massive, momentous noisegrinding cacophony and piecing 3-count explosions of percussion, overdriven electronic Noisecore  blast beats and grooves besides, too, cutting into long  electronic noise pieces in fertile and absolutely devastatingly heavy expressions of unknowable, animal hostility. Each track is between 2 and 4 minutes long, but crammed with lots of micro drum movements, so they register as Noisecore/Gorenoise style microsongs. An orgasmic, filthy ejaculation of Noisecore alienation – Janus’ projects each bear a fearless minimalism in presentation, never relying on any sort of tired trope imagery to sell the Noise within on any aesthetic bargain, and Skirn continues this tradition.  Mindlessly noisy, unapproachable and uniquely brutish. Killer!

Noisegrind Bastard Recordings

Check it out kids, it’s Japans amplifier imploding death grind super trio MORTIFY, returning to the scene of the crime. The offense: eviscerating frontal lobes with their patented brand of HM-2 powered Swedish death inspired grindcore madness. Continuing where “Stench of Swedish Buzzsaw” left off, Grotesque’ is slightly shorter, clocking in at under ten minutes with 12 original songs & an Agathocles cover. Sonically it’s even more blown out that the first full length with the guitar tone dialed in through multiple HM-2 pedals, screeching through every track, while the drums fill the back end just as loudly & twice as fast. I ha e to say, when the instruments are running through just two humans playing at this level, the stop/go precision is usually more prevalent & shines a bit brighter than most (see Assück/D.A./Ruins/HIRS), and MORTIFY definitely fit into that category. The songs feel more thought out while keeping that sporadic element you need in grind. And the voice work on this entry elevates this production to even higher peaks as Adam Jennings wretches & snarls his throat muscles into the reverberating abyss like the corpse of a rotting lunatic murderer being brought back to life mid-kill spree. MORTIFY have even worked a couple cinematic soundbites into this venture, adding to the overall gruesomeness of the affair & showing the right amount of growth without cheapening the impact (or worse yet, slowing down!). Everything crammed into this 9 minute horror show is a solid A+. Musically, lyrically & aesthetically (the art & logo work/layout on all their releases are top notch) they hit all the right notes & manage to not roll out a lazy chunk of laughable cheap shit you’ve heard before (something I’ve noticed many many many grindcore bands have been extremely fucking guilty of as of late, especially a lot of these “super groups”). Hearing this gets me even more pumped for their upcoming split 7″ on 625 Records w/ LA’s H.A.R.M. And hopefully after that we get blessed with another installment of the MORTIFY tale, because I don’t think these guys are ready to put down the buzzsaw & stop killing just yet. So if you like GOOD grindcore, get this thing. If you like death metal but hate that they fuck around & play way too long, get this thing. If you hate your neighbors & have a CD player with a loop function, get this thing. 


Meatus is another one man project from Joe of Violent Gorge, Skunk, Gourmet, Screaming Feast, Fashion Bathers and many other great bands, and has been going for several years whilst remaining rather overlooked outside the most particularly nefarious corners of the Gore and Grind underground. ‘Not Rotten But Ripe’ is a blown out, blown up landfill shower of nasty disgusting radioactive Grindcore and Goregrind, massive unmixed sounding avalanche of septic blast beat DETH! Deadly diseased riffs, crazy noisy drum sounds with very damaging crumpled snare batterings, slathering groovy chugging Guitars underpinned by thrash-ass blasts, this sounds like demo era Insect Warfare, Violent Gorge or Ulcerous Phlegm. Totally fucking suppurated, punk as fuck, maggot-ridden Goregrind from the Aggressive Valley.


Aggressive Valley

Abstract utopian 3-way split release on the recently resurrected and erected Grindcore Karaoke, which now operates on a subscription basis. First up, Blight Worms shear your face off with high register brittle scathing Grindcore, blasting away in aggressive non-standard arrangements, teeth compacting fast and forceful, at once old school and forward-facing, with influence seemingly taken from across the many lineages of the Grindcore phylogenetic tree. Retortion Terror from Japan is next, their Gridlink-ish attack comprised of murderous metallic riffs and measured song structures at lightning speed, barked vocal holler over shifting, aggressive, melodious riffs in detailed and discordant arrangements with a killer, bright Bass sound. Lastly, Gendo Ikari follow lithe noisy riffs to illogical conclusions, more interesting structures and eye-watering dissonance, amazing drumming that really inflects and grooves amid the blasting, mid-heavy caustic Bass sound with lethal guitar and furious blunted vocal kill with super-sharp screams. Fast, fast, fast as FUCK! Here’s Randall on the liner –

‘To commemorate the labels 500th release, I’ve done a limited run of collectors cassettes; this is also the labels very first official “physical” release, and showcases where, in my opinion, grindcore, as a genre, is at, and heading, 2020 and beyond. I would like to thank all the bands, artists, supporters and subscribers that have helped keep this alive and going for almost a decade now.’

Crucial shit. Buy a cassette!


One long track of Dark Ambient inertia and death from the demon leader. 59 minutes in the corpse locker. Cold and isolating, inert dead air lies almost completely still, odorless fog licking around the extremities of corpses, tones shifting in very slow oscillations, astringent sweet disinfectant taste… very minimal and vacuous, singularly still and monolithic –  somehow, despite the complete inertia, this thing still avoids being entirely sedating or numbing and maintains a level of dread and foreboding, like awaking during anaesthetized surgery in a state of twilight discomfort and phantom pain. Cadaver music.


Necrocide’s infamous and influential demo from ’94 here re-released. Primordial and minimalist slamming Death Metal. Caustic Brutal Death Metal riffing, insanely furious tight drumming and obtuse subhuman grunt vocal pummeling, great ’90s Death Metal Bass sound with scooped Guitars, putrescent break down parts with rolling double bass then erupting into muscular pinch harmonic accented riff & blast beat devastation, with generally plenty of knuckle scraping slow parts. Dryly recorded, sinewy and taught, coagulative bloody chunks of decimating Death Metal! Members went on to form the massively influential Devourment, and you can hear that band’s roots developing here, particularly in the drums. This is Cannibal/Suffocation-influenced early-era Brutal Death Metal brilliance.

Corpse Gristle

Recent project from Mason of Reeking Cross, Autoerotichrist and others, and Jackson of Coagulative Necrosis and others, here manifesting their sanguinary obsessions in the audial plane as a sloshy, putrefactive tidal wave of gastric Gorenoise effluvia. Throbbing, pulsating neon blobs of fucking disgusting blast beat Gorenoise gastro-pathology, rancid cyber electronica and transgressive medical fascinations. Hammering snare sound hyperblasting away in overdriven nirvana chaos strings vibration – Ultragore with vomitous bile retch vocal slaw and wall-of-Bass punishment, loathsome and corporeally visceral. Divinely delirious Gorenoise made by the truly possessed. Purulent Fucking Discharge!