Monthly Archives: May 2018


Creeping Death Metal from the States. Slow headbangin’ Death Metal with massive, resonant and not sub-tuned Guitars and Bass working through slower-to mid paced Riffs, workhorse and heavy-handed drumming with pained corpse vocal buried under the strings, rasping and spluttering away. Necrolatous, shambling Death Metal with un-trendily audible, catchy riffs and trendily blackened, boneyard atmosphere. The mid-pace and the weird dead-man vocals give Ossuary a nice niche of sound, and the focus on song craft over endless atmospherics makes for a focused and concise tape. Yet another recent and totally sick Death Metal demo! Decidedly promising and recommended, ghouls.



‘Butchered rock music.’ Horrible loops from what were once songs, reworked into a manky toupée of annoyance and unease. It’s very headachy and paranoia inducing, not at all relaxing or nice to listen to. Many of samples looped seem to have been chosen for these upsetting qualities. Then, a couple of minutes into the second track, the paranoia sound downshifts into an echoing, dank cellar atmosphere, with repetitious chirps and clicks swirling around in a sweaty comedown,  and then the whole thing slithers away into the darkness. Nauseous and altogether fucking upsetting, without ever actually being explicitly offensive or controversial in subject matter. Relax, indeed.



Hard charging, utterly arse-kicking raw D Beat WAR, played without pretence to the loving formula. Massive rumbling Guitar and Bass sound, jaw-breaking lockstep rhythm section and Dis worship bellowing vocal,  mostly free of Metal influences or blast beats. It’s catchy, violent D Beat Hardcore done right. The production is expectedly rough and ready, yet very loud and imposing, with the vocal sat just underneath the dominating instrumentation. The (kind of dopey/fucking cool) cover art looks like it’s going to involve some Stenchcore sound; that actually isn’t really the case, although there are some sort-of Stenchy atmospheric moments, this is further from that vast Thrashing type sound and closer to devotionally raw Crust/D Beat Punk. Brash, Brutal and Battering! An axe in the face of ‘Neocru$t’.



Raw Punk hell from Sweden. D Beat, Raw Punk… It’s all similar shit, really, and it’s all touched on or wrestled with here. Raw tinny Guitar, scratchy Punk destruction, D Beats, hollow howling yells, catastrophically thin, noisy, and full of weirdo aggression. Hissing, furious Punk of a wild and yet predictable nature (in a good way). There’s definitely some cross pollination from influences Stateside, also; this kind of reminds me of recent Hardcore champs Gas Rag or Culo, as well as your more expected European/crustier influences. Flat, painful and pissed!



Gorenoise from the States. 20 tracks of gurgling, bubbling, sloshy beats/noises/vocal splattered all over the walls of a dingy infirmary. Pingy snare blasts, pus dripping walls of Guitar-like sounds, toilet-flush aqua slosh vocal, a handful of obscure samples, rinse with acrid disinfectant solution, repeat. Little application of theme or style beyond worshipping ‘Putrefaction In Progress’ (at least as far as I can tell), and certainly not the maddest or noisiest Gorenoise project I’ve ever heard, just another taste of the unbelievably repetitive, undeniably weird and wonderfully superfluous Gorenoise ‘scene’. I mean really, this is definitely pointless and likely worthless from an artistic perspective, but I listened a few times and rather enjoyed myself. Perhaps you will too? I hope so.



Short collection of demented electronic-sounding Noisecore from Japan, spanning 6 releases and clocking in at under 3 minutes. 5-second-or-less blasts of fatally-wounding  industrial disaster Noisecore blurrrrrrt. Piercing, shrieking and damaging, densely packed with fucked up Noise. Each EP/track has a reverse blender full of shrapnel sound, micro burst Blast Beats (?) and madness Vocal slaw leeching into everything else, with a couple of the tracks here sounding like they were spliced together from several Noisecore tracks… It’s dense, silly and angry, and it’s over in seconds. Good fun to be had by all.

Noisegrind Bastard


Longform horrors from no-one’s favourite demon leader. Stretched out Ambient aggression, a soundscape of implied hostility and lost intentions. Waves and pulses of sound wax and wane over vaguely-industrial, half heard samples and distant, droning audio events… it’s very easy to get lost on the moors with this one. It’s nightmarish, even by the honourable Mr. Tross’ already dismal standards. Like being slowly consumed by an unidentifiable stain on the seat cushion of a couch in an abandoned retirement home.



Lo-fi rehearsal jam from X-Ray Fiends. 3 tracks of surfy, garagy fun-nihilism and good time destruction. Dirty-nailed Punk/Surf played for noise and speed. Sounds a little like a less-massive Pissed Jeans playing fuzzed-out Mummies covers. Each instrument sits nicely next to or on top of the last, with a wobbly and spacious rehearsal room sound. Upbeat goo goo muck for the deranged. Perfectly cruddy Black Sabbath cover is perfectly cruddy. Sweat dripping, lo-fi psychedelic and all around a good fuckin’ laugh. Recommended hotbox listening.