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First Days of Humanity’s 12th(?) non-split release, a crudely, cruelly sharpened flint axehead of lunatic Neanderthal slamming Goregrind, totally inbred and by this point barely even human anymore. Very pleasingly un-pitched vocal grunt and roar of flesh eating cannibal man, fat as FUKK Bass tone and half-riff mayhem, trashcan snare with tupa-tupa Polka Mincer parts, freakish upper body strength and furrowed brows, mutated larynx of the proto-human! Merciless and unreasonable in a primeval sort of way. Deranged and fucking deformed, mega-stomping and catchy midpaced Mincing Goregrind. I imagine it’s impossible not to drink like 8 beers and audibly grunt all the way through this salivary listening experience. Sick! These two mondo freaks are killing it.


Doom mongering Stench/Crust stoicism from the US, a now-classic of crusty DETH ensconced in the fog of martial barrage, atmospheric and desolate recording quality looms a merciless shadow. Dynamically mid paced for the most part, trudging across fiery landscapes of doomed melody before barrelling into double time galloping war crust battering ram parts. Total Ork DeathMetalpunk. The influences of Axegrinder and Bolt Thrower, Dismember and Deviated Instinct adorn the standard bearers’ tattered colours. Bleak as fukk , furious warzone hardship and shellfire horror, charging straight into the leaden teeth of the enemy crossfire. One of the best Crust records of the past decade.

20 Buck Spin

Agipunk Records

Full length from deathstepper Gore Tech. An excitingly heavy, crunchy blast of weaponised 2 Step dancefloor outrun metalhead Drum and Bass, archaic Jungle and future-sight next wave synth pattern blueprint coalescence, texturally rugged as all fuck and masterfully crafted to bury you deep in a mental groove. AI sequencer missile beat patterns, echoing ambience and swirling atmospherics punctuated with stabbing, snapping kicks and thumping spiking claps and harsh snares, melodious and menacing Bass and vocal sampling, squeezed to the fucking brim with funky chunkers! I first became aware of Gore Tech as a very hard-tek Dubstep producer in around 2011, he made a mix called Mainframe Warfare which blew me away back then and still goes hard. ‘Geist Fibre’ represents a further advancing virulence of genre-mashing Electronic annihilation. Killer.

Ohm Resistance