Tetrahydrocannibal is Sean Jenkins, contributor to this very blog, writer at LinesInWax and general fool behind Pointless Records. Sean spews out weed obsessed gurgling watery Gorenoise, replete with rolling, blasting Snares, burbling Harsh Noise and Bong vocal. That’s right, Sean’s bong is Tetrahydrocannibal’s vocalist. It works well as a tool for aquatic Gore vocal, and adds to the smoked out aesthetic. This stuff is super dank, rancid sounding and extremely noisy, being way more on Noise side of Gorenoise, with no riffs or groove and heaps of Noise walls and random drum patterns. One small quibble I have is that the whole recording is a little on the quiet side; it would be nice if this demo were a little louder as it would make the whole experience more damaging. I’m excited to hear more of this stuff, get stoked on the recently confirmed Tetrahydrocannibal/Ultracide split by downloading this, smoking up and dropping out!

GK#475 / Pointless Recs


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