Ah yes, the Cave State demo. THE demo of 2013.
This band (young southern California residents who all cut their teeth playing in various amazing grind/powerviolence bands over the past few years) has come together and right off the bat assaults you harder than the L.A.P.D. you with these 7 rib-breaking tracks. Signifying that this is one of those bands that’s going to absolutely fucking kill it with every release they throw at you. From this demo to their eventual last album (which will be a sad day). There’s damn good reason everyone’s going bonkers over Cave State.
This is a band that did their homework. Flashes of Crossed Out, Despise You, Neanderthal, No Comment & a dash of Crom, all with the juice that makes it unique and a sound that they specifically own. Something I would say 95% of the bands going for this sound ultimately fail at.
Already, their upcoming release on To Live A Lie Records is one of the most anticipated pieces of vinyl of 2014 and will be making many a top- ten list I predict, just as this demo did for 2013. Get on this or get left in the dust.

GK#471, Bandcamp, Facebook


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