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4 songs of girthy Goregrind courtesy of Marci/Parazitozis. Raw, thick and nasty, with broad Guitar/Bass, varied echo/grunt/ super low vocal, lightspeed blasting and punishing caveman Polka Mince crush mixed together in excellent fashion, creating purulent brew of Gory stinking slop. Primitive, sloshy, awesome! All the influences are in the right place, taking elements of Mince, old Goregrind/Grindcore/Noisecore and Crust and perfectly combining until golden brown, stoned and decomposed. This whole thing was written and recorded in under 3 hours, and that urgency is not lost in these foul compositions. Parazitozis is one of those projects that never disappoints! Nice one Marci.



Gowl is a three piece from the States, creating some of the more impressive Grindcore of recent years. Their ferocious yet swampy formula is both angular and weird, crushing and memorable. ‘Raging like a Heart//Attack’ is full of quick fast snare tap blast beats and stop/start Noise segues, unsettling samples, churning sludge parts mixed with more Death Metal style riffs and divebombs, and a genuinely unhinged echo bellowing vocal. There’s even a few nods to ropey old Black Metal here and there. This combines into a chaotic, torrid blend of Grindcore distinction. In a word; intriguing. I’m a bit late to the game on this tape, don’t sleep like I did.



Of Corpse shits out 4 necrotic blasts of raw Death Metal with a heavy Grindcore influence. The Guitars sound suitably burly and classic and the Drums have that awesome distance from everything else in the mix, giving this demo a loveable old school sound. D beats, kind of sloppy Punk playing, whirlwind blast parts, awesome chugging muted riffs, low low necromancer vocal. There’s nods to Goregrind and a little Crust here too. Reminds me of Disastrous Murmur, Rottrevore, or the Cannibal Rites tape. Splendid demo!



Swinging Balls is a new band from the UK indulging in some scummy, no brained Noise Rock, or ‘Slow Punk’. The influence of Melvins and Big Business hangs heavily over this stuff, with repetitive riffs slowly growing in size and volume only to start deflating, weirdo distant growl Vocal, and a strangely clean(ish) yet broad Guitar and Bass sound. Thudding, hypnotic, obnoxious and hopeless in the best ways. Some of the kind of jangly riffs remind me a tiny bit of The Fall in their obtuse repetition and refusal to change. Uncomfortable!



‘Depression Vortex’ is the newest release from US one-man future Gore mecha 30XX. This one presents a bunch of collaborations Andrew partook in on tour in Europe, and features members of Chappa’Ai and Parazitozis. This one sits uniquely within the 30XX canon, shifting into a classic Grindcore/Noisecore sound as well as a track of trad 30XX reverse Guitar soloin’ Goregrind slop. The live drummer tracks have a rawer, more Noisecore influenced sound, combining 30XX’s Goregrind with a huge scoop of Arsedestroyer style blur. Freakout Noise, destroyed sounding Electonic beats, Happy Hardcore (gross), crushing Guitars, furious live drums, tentacle beast Vocal, no Anime/Synth/Movie samples (?!). The tracks are inconsistent sounding, being taken from different session, but that kind of adds to the weirdness. 30XX rules.



Two track EP from Jay Randall’s Seal Team 666. Fractal, mathematical Pulses in high frequency, random pattern haywire sound assault. There’s a psychedelic kind of vibe on most Seal Team stuff, albeit in a very confrontational kind of way, and a strange sense of Ambiance can be found in this sort of Pulse/Noise barrage, with the mind racing to make sense of the multi-coloured, dissonant Noise fragments sent hurtling through the mind’s eye. Absorbing, maddening, cryptic, absurd. I find the best Noise makes me feel some sense of ego death; every Seal Team release makes me feel this. Noise Bliss.

GK#348 / Bandcamp


Frantic, Mincing carnage from Canada’s Sickener. Combining rancid, idiotic Mincecore and furious Grind, Sickener have nailed a combination of styles keeping Canadian Grindcore some of the most currently relevant and, more importantly, fucked up sounding. Speed-blitz blast beats, hammering D beat Punk, downturned string mangling with plenty of Deathly riffs, up-tempo Polka Mince destruction and insane squawking/grunting vocal spew. The production’s entirely loud and destructive, but everything’s audible in the mix. Totally Punk, raw and disgusting, drunk sounding and wasted. Cool.



Radiation Vomit is from the States, playing mad fast, whirlwind Grindcore with little technicality, lots of Crust and Death influences and plenty of heart. Bottom heavy riffing, insane blast beat/D beat trade-offs, distant guttural/shriek vocal attack, occasional old Thrash/Death parts and a raw and atmospheric production. Not flashy or inventive, but incessant, violent and for lack of a better word, rad. Reminds me of Terrorizer, Disrupt, Excruciating Terror and Repulsion, and not in a bad, unoriginal way. Essential demo, expect awesome releases in their future.