Monthly Archives: June 2015


Crushing, desperate Death Industrial/Power Electronics from the States. A Truly noxious, obnoxious and corrupt sound. Layering Industrial pulses and throbbing white-hot electronics, broken sounding wave effects, hoovering Bass sounds and an old school approach to dispassionate and spiteful Vocal. Isolating and damaging, but powerful and robust sounding. Thoroughly unpleasant, utterly human. The kind of Death Industrial I can always get behind. Like getting your head kicked in for Krokodil money.



Lumbering fuzz-tone Noise Rock/Doom, low-psychedelia from up North. Slow, extended compositions built around simple riffs, pounding Drums and distant bog-dwelling Vocal. This stuff is weirdly esoteric and dreamy, perhaps due to the interesting combination of feathery-but-loud, distant Bass. This dreaminess washes over you blissfully, each repetition of riff slowly enveloping you in near-Ambient sound and harsh feedback. Tonally this is way closer to Melvins than say Candlemass, but I’d argue both sounds are present in one way or another. The Bass tone in particular reminds me of Lightning Bolt kind of, just slightly less overdriven and further buried in the mix. Noisy, dreamy, heavy and arty(the good kind). Highly recommended.



Pyoderma Gangrenosum is another project of Goregrind reprobate Andy Ringdahl of Hyperemesis, Reekorhoea and about 40 other bands and projects. This stuff is low rent even by Andy’s standards; fuzzy, crappy blasts of sloppy Autophagia style Goregrind. Real Drums, hollowed-out skull Guitars and Vocal retching of the full-retard kind. Punk as fuck, raw, sloppy Gore nonsense, played for passion and churned out really quick. His conquest of Bandcamp’s Goregrind tag has to be applauded; although you may argue many of his various projects sound near-identical, his sound is immediately recognisable and the man has made quite the online empire for himself. Excellent, as always.




Bloated Subhumans play a brand of non-musical Noise Rock almost completely devoid of arrangement beyond the rudimentary, with 3 tracks here on their only online release. A Bass sound completely destroyed plays langurously over a single driving beat, drenched in reverb and static Noise, with random mumbling Vocal buried in effects creeps in and out. Choking, overpowering recording quality. Utterly sordid, tasteless and unapproachable, caustic and violent. If you like Brainbombs or Ramleh, you can’t go wrong here. Utter, utter filth.