Spew-Gina were a Noisecore band from the States. This is a retrospective release by Mortville, collecting various recording sessions and split records. Micro song blurts of spastic Noisecore in a very traditional style; hundreds of samples from movies, harsh blasting manual Drum machine, barely audible Guitar/Bass grinding garbage and deranged roaring vocal, all wrapped in a strange and sarcastic sense of humor. This also has one of the crappiest sounding Snares ever, and not in the typical ringing Gore sense, more in that it’s flat as hell and totally unwieldy. The vocals here are excellent, sounding genuinely pissed off and goofy at the same time. There’s an occasional nod to old Hardcore thrown into the mix, and a free associative style, with little song craft or design. However, when the Punk rock riffs do surface they’re surprisingly catchy. My favourite material here is from the Weird Vision split. Great, enjoyable Noisecore. Get into it!

Mortville Noise

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