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Psyched up, psyched out Sci Fi Hardcore Punk Rock ‘n’ Roll from Magnus Lundberg, also of the mighty Ulcerrhoea and Syphilitic Vaginas. Hugely Rupture inspired/influenced Hardcore Punk (particularly at their most grinding and fucking angry) with a deranged high speed sound, raging bellowing Swedish freak raw Punk stomp, stampeding Hardcore/Grindcore tempest, three chord overdrive Rock, catchy as fuck rambunctious chorus parts, UK 82-ish stomp all combined with deadly tight and fast drumming and throaty bastard Gus vocal. Rockin’ and fuckin’ rambunctious. They inhabit a bizarre and esoteric inner world of unreadable ideology and confusing linguistic signifiers that’s very difficult to assess (to me), in a way that seems indebted to Rupture’s intentionally aggravating tendencies, regardless of political perspective – Alien pro/anti fascism? UFO esoteric nazism? Tongue in cheek provocation through cultural barbs? Who knows. Netjajev SS is a uniquely weird and fucking rippin’ project. Killer album.



Short, disgustingly putrefied Goregrind split from the dredges of Bandcamp’s Mincecore and Goregrind genre tags. Skulls ‘n’ Nugs on the tape inlay, motherfuckers. Regressive, Punk, stoner Goregrind. Hostile, unstable, prurient Gore – Human Pancake serves pong snare fat ass Goregrind slime, grinding tar Guitars and gurgle vocal spew, Junt take things in a more mincing Grindcore direction with their tracks, stampeding mincer parts stacked on blasting bridges, and some Deathly riffing with loud 4 track sound, and Botched Anastomosis J Pouch finalise the purulence with rehearsal room one-take primitive Goregrind, with detuned practice amp sound, super low purr nasty vocals dry, flat drum sound. Low rent, low fi, short. Simply disgusting!

Shirley Road Records

Double-dose EP from Iowan stalwarts Captain Three Leg and hungry hardcore dudes Taco Tuesday. The former’s portion of the split is steeped in hilarity; I genuinely laughed out loud a bunch of times on listening due to its brilliant choice of samples and caustic lyrical wit, both of which are neatly wrapped up in a diverse array of styles. It’s punk as fuck but isn’t just straight-up blasting, there’s searing lead lines, bluesy breakdowns, bonehead stompers, and is that a fucking Mick Farren impression on “Shut Fucking Up”? Amazing. The latter’s side is a trio of fast punkers based around a demented obsession with tacos, their mania even extending to having the tracks recorded in a truck that serves the aforementioned Mexican snack. It’s speedy, it’s aggro and it’s fiendishly ravenous. Flesh-ripping riffs with gnarly vocals. Somebody get these guys a god-damned Crunchy Supreme already! Killer split which puts a big stupid grin on my face every time I hear it.

Mortville Noise

Suppression’s ‘Placebo Reality’ LP is an ungovernable deluge of Grindcore, Power Violence and Noisecore; blown out(up) Bass riffs in rude and obscure forms over primitive Power Violence bludgeoning bicycle blast beats, full-on Noisecore ballistics and degenerative, Noise Rockin’ riffer parts, echo laden vocal madness and fury full of low distorted grunting and Hodge’s inimitable freak bellow, violently hostile and artfully intense as only Suppression sound. Like downing a fistful of unidentified pills in a paranoid hysteria, and the ensuing fit of frightened, delusional rage that must inevitably ensue. Influences combine into a completely toxic and dangerous form of fast and fucking loud, noisy Grindcore for freaks. It’s a fucking perfect thing. Mutant Harsh Noise pieces drenched in mental vocal exclamations, freak out weirdo bass heavy lumbering passages, deep fried consciousness, killer varied drumming with lots and lots of blast beats, degenerated paranoiac syndromes. Grab a tape or an LP here. Crucial.


Mortiferum’s first LP is a ravenous, sepulchural golem of really well-crafted Death Doom Metal bangers with devastatingly heavy, present production, full of intense cascading deathly parts with earworming hooks, long passages of winding skeletal riffing culminating in unforeseen bursts of blasts and terrorising, exalted solos. Monolithic, cavernous and atmospheric, largely rolling along at a less-than-mid pace but with plenty of tempo deviations. Each instrument sounds exactly as loud and clear, yet festering and rotten as it needs to – the drums in particular have an almighty presence, clanging, thudding, bell-ringing and blasting beneath sinewy, caustic Bass sound and super low, crushing & well enunciated vocal style – Petrified and ancient, desolate and foreboding. This is fucken essential!


Phantom Spire is a raw Black Metal project from the US. Cold, obscure Xerox and Typewritten Black Metal, of a particularly thin and nasty complexion – Guitars a waspish buzz, necrotized Synthesizer dirge, unwieldy rictus iced blast drum programming, simplistic and haunting ‘melodies’ drowned in Noise and screeching Guitar, and some really cool sounding howling death vocal processing. Minimalist, austere and unpleasant, with a fantasy/fantasist aesthetic element present, too. Cool demo! If you’ve enjoyed the Black Metal & Dungeon Synth output of Lost Armor or Pagoda Mast/Tyrannus, then this one’s a no-brainer.


3 collaborative tracks from Sissy Spacek, combining several of their signature sonic elements. These 3 feature Mike Du Bose, Chris Goudreau and Jay Randall with SS members Charlie Mumma & John Wiese. Maximalist axiom of cut Harsh Noise, hellish tripwire Noisecore collapsing and spacious soundscape in the Bastard Noise tradition. Dislocated vocal wipeout stretched painfully, brutal turbine furnace eruption Noise crush and oxygen destruction. Multifaceted explosions of cut up Harsh Noisecore, echoing a similar sound to Arsedestroyer or WORLD, achieved through their unique methodology of Harsh Noise cut ups and Dadaist viral meaning implication. The final track features a less percussive sound, with Industrial soundscape of hisses, scrapes and beeps, droning tones, barked screaming vocal and alien ambience. My favourite track here, ‘Facial Corset’, runs at about 10 minutes and plays like a mean motherfucker of a Noisecore  7″ all on it’s own. Essential listening.


Buck Gooter’s last LP. Outsider Art Noise Rock with electronic percussion, sneering dude vocal and heaps of bad and wrong attitude. Snarling and powerful, dangerous and unique. Synthesizers scrawl awkward melodies across crashing percussion and shimmering Guitars emphasising repetition and atmosphere, drunken crooning and protest yelling, layers of percussion and polemic Post Punk Guitar slashes, distorted samples. Like Suicide by way of early Jesus and the Mary Chain or Pere Ubu, but on different drugs. Angry skronking electronica, swaggering, driving, angry freaked-out Rock. As they themselves describe it – PRIMAL INDUSTRIAL BLUES. This is a killer LP. Rest In Peace, Terry Turtle.

Ramp Local

Absolutely furious, demented angry Noisecore split. cunts is from Japan, with shared DNA in the overlooked Napalm Death Is Dead. Just drums and vocals – Madman one footed blast beat laden drumming with lots of weird fills and deviations and slower parts, simple microphone feedback punishment and throat bleeding shrieking vocal shitcunt attack. Proper deranged off reservation Noisecore fist-smashing, there’s humor to be found in a band called cunts, but it doesn’t sound funny at all. Piercing, scraping, punishing harsh Noisecore blast. Ucchy rules! Anal Butt play retarded Noisecore, super short song grinding brutalisation, muffled and loud drum punish with, you guessed it, blast beats(!) and multi vocal delirium ‘ham sandwich’ vocal screaming into your sleeve, stop start 4 count grinding Noise! Intentional hostility towards peers – Primitive, obtuse, caveman as fukk. Killer split!


SPHC Records

4 more tracks of fucked up antihuman Deathgrind from the deep woods of Russeville, Kansas. One of many, many projects from Bobby Maggard of Regurgitated Stoma Stew Productions. Serial Killer Goregrind and nasty, simple Death Metal and Deathgrind, rancid low vocal spew with shit heaps of blast beats and more mid paced chugging crush, with some slamming parts and tons of groove. The songs are pretty long, allowing the slower parts to linger for longer, and for a more lasting, knuckle dragging, brain corroding effect. Excellently raw Bass sounds, drum machine blast brutality, filthy perv pitch shifted vocal retch and spew. Like a mix of early Devourment, CBT and Dysmenorrheic Hemorrhage. Lo- fi, imbecilic, drooling Deathgrind and Goregrind. I fucking love that rubber head and chainsaw cover art combo, too. Ridiculous.


Psychedelic Hobo Hard Rock and ancient jams from the wrong side of the tracks, fertile and drenched in acid sweat – pre Heavy Metal road warrior shit with lots of interesting nuances into Jazzy arrangements and progressive structures, loaded up with Blues and warped tape distortions. Pissed up Jim Morrison vocal drifter, head-melting Guitar solos and heavy acrid bent, biker debauchery and the American dream ablaze, with a troubadour first-person-shooter Dylan/Waits perspective, dark lyrical meditations from the road Shaman and primitive percussive sections. Summons all of the appropriate imagery. There’s drunken poet balladry, miserable Blues, lysergic Hard Rock and wistful soft psychedelia, all wrapped up in a duffel bag and taken onto the road into the long night. A really varied listen. True degenerate Rock. Dig it!

Wayfaring Stranger