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First release from US Gore project Sarcoptes. Three painfully short tracks of blown out, ear destroying Gorenoise carnage. Over processed, unwieldy programmed drums hammer out primitive blast beats underneath rank slabs of distorted bass, all covered with gross, warped shifted vocal. The beats and Vocal are particularly blown out and mangled, and there are some primitive, repetitive and slower Drum parts breaking up the blasts. Nasty, crushing and absurd. Sarcoptes is a promising project, one that I hope to hear more of in the future; their tracks from a 4 way split with Extraction, Hyperemesis and Festering Recto Gangrenous Slime (which I will be reviewing if and when the other project’s tracks become available online) are particularly interesting and strange. For now though, ‘Thromboangitis Obliterans’ is destructive, entirely un-subtle and really enjoyable. Go check it.



The album pictured above demands your immediate attention. By the end of the first song, it’ll get just that. And then it’ll leave you wanting more! This is Westside Grindviolence Forever, by TENSION.

The sounds you’re hearing is fast music at it’s finest ladies & gentleman. Played by three individuals who not only have properly studied the ways of their predecessors, but built something to add to the foundation of extreme music by producing an album that will stand with those that came before it & hopefully inspire future bands.

Westside Grindviolence Forever contains 21 tracks of the catchiest & (most importantly) angriest grindcore induce powerviolencece you’re likely to hear for a while. Holy shit do they sound fucking angry! You can hear it in the vocals, which are all over the place & a treat to hear. High-end screeches, low growling and tortured screams come at you in every conceivable way (another testament to their talent). I love the diversity.

The clean production surprised me & brought out the best in everyone’s sound while still managing to come off as raw & filthy. This album oozes contempt in an almost poetic way. It’s always heavy, weather blasting or playing super fast HC bursts in between crazy time changes & momentary punk influenced D beat insanity. Always catchy. Never too melodic and the couple times they go slow, its devastating. And every song flows together, but never letting up. They hit every single fast music sweet spot like seasoned professionals. You can seriously tell this album is the culmination of every members skills & love of all things truly grind condensed into these tracks. There’s absolutely no bullshit. From the lyrics to the music. They come at you with everything in their arsenal so prepare to get blown the fuck up. This album is a beast!

But this is more than an amazing collection of music or an eloquent thank you note & violent love letter to the purveyors of west coast powerviolence. This is a mission statement on behalf of all the kids who have been stomping around LA the past few years, making their own bands & putting together shows with their friends. There are too many good groups to mention, but they’re out there & ready to make their mark too (or have already started). So welcome to the next generation, they aren’t going anywhere!
And it’s thanks to people like Tension: Who go to all the shows, support every band they play with & never exclude people for whatever dumb reasons people do. They grind, they skate, they speak up when something needs to be said, and they do it despite the fact that everyone still shits all over Orange County or dismisses them because they’re young. Tension will continue to not give a fuck & pummel you with some of the best grindviolence CA has to offer.

Download the album for FREE in it’s entirety at the address below. Enjoy!



Ecostench were a Grindcore band from the US, with members also in Brain Famine. This discography covers a lot of ground, showing Ecostench at times goofy, noisy, and always Grinding. This is vintage 90’s sounding American Grindcore, full of Hardcore influence, Noisecore mania, plenty of Thrashin’ riffs and a thoroughly silly Tardcore vibe. The recording quality varies from track to track, as these songs were originally on several releases. Generally speaking though, you can expect this Grindcore to be more on the boombox/4 track side of recording, which is always a good thing. There’s plenty of strange detours through three chord Punk grime, outsider faux Jazz and Noise to keep things weird and interesting. Sounds pretty much like the photograph on the album cover; senselessly violent and inappropriately hilarious. If you dig on classic 90’s Grindcore form the States download this right now.

Mortville Noise


Atomck are a Grindcore three piece from the UK. They’re a band that defy expectations in some ways; definitely technical but definitely not ‘tech’, Thrashy and riffy without being particularly metallic. Continuing with newest full length ‘Never Work’ they concoct a barbaric, confusing flavor of Grindcore, with elements of Hardcore, Black Metal, Doom and Noise. Massive whirlwind Guitars shred out endless binary riffs, both lightning fast and Doom slow, over off kilter blast beats and mid-tempo dirge, working out complex mathy patterns but still maintaining a savage, caustic, noisy sound. Then there’s Linus’ vocal, an utterly maddening and absurd assortment of roars, shrieks, squawks and howls that defy belief. There’s also steaming analogue Noise parts, contributed by Chicago group Winters In Osaka and created by Atomck themselves, adding yet more mondo weirdness to an already unsettling, spiralling vortex of cosmic Grindcore brilliance. The production is bright and loud, and yet raw and kinda gritty. And the album cover, painted by Guitarist Luke, is just breathtaking. A great record, one that delivers both interesting song compositions and proper Grindcore maelstrom intensity, and doesn’t forsake testicles for technical in the process. Proceed.



Heinous, noxious Goregrind/Gorenoise from US unit Sarcoptes. 4 real-short tracks of clicky, roaring, throbbing Gorenoise with an extremely blown out and ear damaging production. Random pattern blast beat assault, mangled Bass and super distorted/shifted vomit vocal. Utterly devoid of composition, just piles of stinking Gore. I must say that Sarcoptes does a fine job balancing between Gorenoise rampage and pure Noise; as noisy as the individual sounds on this record are, I would definitely still say Sarcoptes inhabits a sound more Gore than Noise. I like that you can still hear a human hand in this stuff, as opposed to just HNW with blast beats and Gore vocal. I will also add that even amongst Gore/Noise artwork, I find the cover to this record particularly stomach-churning and eye-watering. Thoroughly ugly and unpleasant, and therefore recommended.




Newest split from Canadian Mincegore hoser Andy aka Hyperemesis, sharing tape with Russian Mince/Grind band Sram, to be released by Twisted Truth Records. The Hyperemesis tracks are very similar production wise to their side of the G.O.D. split, probably having been taken from the same recording session. Vile walls of putrid, crusty Guitar and insane snare-ringin’ blast beat/D beat/Polka Mince attack slathered in maniac gory low low squawk vocal. Predictably rancid, gross and gnarly. Enemy Soil and Warsore are both covered to perfection also. The Sram side of the tape is more in the vein of classic Mincecore ala Blood Suckers or Agathocles, with less Goregrind influence, to my ear at least. The production is very full, fat and stompy sounding, the songs are rammed with three chord Punk parts, D beats and of course plenty of Mincing, and the vocal is classic Grindcore style low growl/high shriek trade-off. Unfortunately the Sram tracks are stream-only, but have a listen and I’m sure you’ll want to grab a tape! A really short split, but a ridiculously enjoyable one nonetheless.

Hyperemesis Bandcamp / Sram Bandcamp