Jah Excretion is Yu Iwasaki, a Japanese Harsh Noise dealer kickin’ out blissful pot haze audio concrete, all recorded live the old school analogue way. One track of quaking, roaring white noise textures stretched into nearly 24 minutes, higher frequencies tearing through the barrage of sound and climaxing into orgasmic THC Noise eruption, and one track of slow building Ambiance involving what sounds like sampled taps and percussion and very minimal Noise loops and effects. This paring of extremities makes for a cosmic, meditative listening experience. This stuff is unbelievably Harsh even amongst other Noise artists, but with a focus on the trip and the experience rather than any violent or negative subject matter. This onus shift make these sounds expansive and exploratory, but no less Harsh or Intense. Trippy, ponderous and unbearably loud. Easily one of my favourite current Noise units, and a record I return to constantly. Legalize It, Seriously!!!



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