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‘Dearth’ is the most recent Captain Three Leg release. It is excellent. Four tracks of Kraut Rock/Space Rock inspired Noise collage weirdo time travel Sci-Fi madness. Industrial style Noise dirge, layers of cryptic sound FX, terrifying Vocal fractal reality, indescribable feedback nightmare. This sounds like something the honourable Albert Tross would spew out in a long forgotten nazi bunker, and has that hand-made quality that Tross’ sound collage stuff has in spades. Super short, incredibly listenable and intriguing, and makes a perfect companion piece to the Captain’s more spacey efforts, notably ‘Return to the Space Hole’. A new favourite Captain Three Leg release for me personally. Jesus, look at that fucking artwork man! Rules.



‘Clumps’ is a collection of filthy leftovers from Captain Three Leg, collecting an unused 4 track session, a rehearsal, and alternate takes of material from the ‘Hardcore Failures’ recordings. The 4 track session has the best sound quality of the lot. Totally blown out, crappy drum sound and wall of Guitars and Bass fuzzy crud and Vocal blurt/grunt. As you’d expect, this stuff broadly fits into Grindcore/Noisecore, with consistent nods to Hardcore and Punk, and that C3L charm(?) and humour that you know and love. The other sessions are equally awesome, each fitting together nicely here to give you snapshot from a period in the band’s existence. If you want some lo-fi blast beat laden slop, look no further. Even C3L throw-aways are totally amazing! Hilarious, brutal, tuff and just awesome. Great artwork as ever. Get it.



Split between Captain Three Leg and Japanese band Mamarracho. Captain Three Leg’s material is a combination of Harsh Noise, strange outsider electronics, movie samples and muffled drum machine something-core. Totally destructive vocal crush raging over thin sounding Keyboard and Guitar, with trademark C3L ballistic Noisecore explosions all over the songs. The Noise stuff here is hard to describe. It’s Harsh Noise, droning and chaotic, and despite being very caustic and difficult it’s goofy and kinda corny. I dig. The Mamarracho side is totally unique sounding. It’s weirdly Jazz-ish, there’s nods to whacked-out Space Rock and Post Punk, totally dismantled blast beats, Hip Hop beats, garbled Vocal, Ambient Noise passages, basically a real treat for the ears and senses. It flits from sound to sound deftly whilst maintaining a sense of cohesion from track to track. I’ve listened to their side of this split countless times, and every time I hear something fresh. In every respect this is an essential listen for fans of a true Northless, weirdo, Gonzo underground. Strange, very strange…



BLACKPHONE666 is a Noise project from Japan, here released on Pro Noise. Just under 14 minutes of dense, swirling portals of Harsh Noise hypnosis, layers of cacophony applied in ways the masters would applaud. Based on a martial structure of wax and wane pitch crush and frequency crumble, building casually to orgasmic climaxes and plummeting into abrupt silence.  Dub sirens and split seconds of Vocal toast occasionally rupture the pure Harsh sound, making aesthetic nods to Reggae and Dub, sound war style, further confusing the baffled mind’s ear, before huge concussive bass drops round out this charming release. Although massively harsh, crushing and alienating, this stuff is textured, dynamicaly intriguing and engaging, in that intangible ‘Dynamic’ Noise way. The kind of Noise I’m always in the mood for.

Pro Noise.23


Short, sour split between Noisecore units S.T.D.F.N. and Terrorist Financing, released on the ever weird Prime Eggsample. Terrorist Financing first, doing their best WORLD impression and pulling it off rather nicely (nastily?). 2 minutes of short, high-tempo Noisecore blasts. Torrential blast beats under squalling, dense feedback Noise garbage and raging angry Vocal, with pure Noise/Vocal parts in the WORLD style. S.T.D.F.N offer a similar experience, with 2 short tracks of clicking drum machine throb replacing live Drums, crackling, kind of low-key Noise and bellowed Vocal. Both sides compliment each other perfectly, the intense pairing making for some really enjoyable, angry as piss and not jokey Noisecore nonsense. If you dig this, grab a tape from the Noisedad right here. Furious.

Prime Eggsample