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Rounding out the gelatinous pulsating ball of moose diarrhea that is 2020 & hot off the heels of the swankiest feel-good grindcore LP of the summer (Internal Rots ‘Grieving Birth’), we have yet another top-to-bottom deep dish megaton goreblast of excellence from the mind of Brad Smith & his singular mammal-like kill squad TAKE THAT VILE FIEND. On the bands second offering “Surplus Flesh”, Mr. Smith has compiled & treated us to over 30 minutes of unrequited hyperfast goregrind so heavy it borders on volcanic. This release in particular is a masterclass in the fusion of old school fistfucking blast grind and thundering modern gorenoise blursts. The ultra-primative guitar tone does exactly what it intends to do in complimenting the ungodly fast drumming that distinctly hits a nostalgic nerve yet also highlights the steady progression of modern rapid percussion. Vocally it’s all over the map with mostly low-end ubervomit burp shrieks, throat clogging cancerous ribbits & distorted bong hits. Yo, this is legit the third grind release I’ve heard this year with bong noises for vocals and I’m not even mad. If it works, it works. And hey, there’s definitely enough groove & drop d sludginess to balance out what seems to be an unrelenting hammer storm of snare stabs so the insufferable riff nerds won’t cry too hard.

Now, to the untrained ear this album could easily pass as some super gnarly mid-90’s Warsore-era grind madness, but it’s too fast & that’s where its youthful vigor is revealed to the listener (none of this is a negative btw). The envelope is most definitely being pushed & Mr.Smith is one of the few active grind drummers currently at the forefront (others included in this international cadre are Japans Yuya Yakushiki & North Americas Isaac Horne). Weather it’s TTVF, Internal Rot, his 1-man/10arm monster the Blarghstrad, Umbilical Tentacle or any other of his side projects, one off’s & spontaneous combustions he continues to innovate & melt boundaries from the other side of the planet. When grind is good, its REALLY good. Massive big dick energy on this porkchop.




Andy of Captain Three Leg and Mortville Noise has put together this nearly 3 hour Christmas mix, perfect for zesting up your virtual office Christmas party or santa-hatted leftover consumption sesh!  Killer selections and artwork.
‘As promised, here’s that Christmas mix I’ve been working on. “In The Grip Of Christmas” is loaded with 53 tracks from 50 artists, encompassing a whole range of styles. 2 hours 49 minutes of music with tracks from: Andrew “Dice” Clay, Zoogz Rift, As If, Macabre, Green Beret, Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet, Booker T & the MGs, Cheech & Chong, The Sonics, Festering Puke, Tumor, Buzz Martin, Captain Three Leg, Autopsy, Rudy Ray Moore, MDC, Feederz, Saccharine Trust, Happy Flowers, The Beach Boys, The Residents, James Chance & The Contortions, Ken Ardley Playboys, Wuzor, The Toughskins, Sloth, Locust Pudding, Harry Nilsson, Burnt Offering, King Diamond, Primus, Le Scrawl, Jeff Koettel, F, Six And Violence, Praxis, Gene Tracy, GG Allin, Impaled Northern Moonforest, The Losers, Trauma Acustico, Descendents, Church Of Misery, Wards, NunSlaughter, The Mr. T Experience, SSD, Stiff Little Fingers + Wayne Butane. The link will be online for seven days, so don’t delay. Don’t be a Grinch. Share with your friends.’
Once the link burns out I’ll relink it below. Happy holidays!

More secretive, atmospheric Industrial Electronics and sweaty desert storm midi demo ambience form Vatican Shadow, here being bankrolled by 20 Buck Spin’s shadow ops branch. Experimental militaria tech beatcraft and atmosphere worship, insecure oil fields and rogue covert ops agents. Dynamic shifts and shimmering beauteous tones amidst crunch beat hypnotism, echo laden percussive electronics, an opioid repetitious ardure, a waterboarding of glistening, illegal electronic delights. Soft impact sneaker beats and stalking, snaking bass lines, smoldering with atmosphere and conspiracy, but with what I can only call a mercenary sense of detachment, too. Muslimgauze and Éric Serra both come to mind here, with some Tangerine Dream too. Beautifully threatening.

20 Buck Spin


Astringent neurological psychedelia. Cut up Harsh Noise compilation from Triangle Records, released back in 2014. Blistering, consciousness scrambling shrapnel fragging, the definition of Harsh Noise in the cut up tradition, death by one hundred thousand unforseeable cuts! These artists shift sample and vaporizing sound source between hostile high register tonal spike and grinding bass juddering/rupturing in a cohesively incoherent maximalist scattershot and brutalist, reverse-copycat Stand Alone/Complex manner. FACIALMESS open proceedings with a sample to the real ones, then lets loose the ensuing signal abusing cuts, running the tonal register gamut and cutting it to fuck before crashing into a closing sample decrying civilization. Endo Sama’s uniquely brusque, stubbornly languid master chopping and stand-out appearance here, as well as K2’s short scalpel high register attack pitch shearing and cutting blast and T.E.F.’s super lo-fi, blown-out, hand-made junk processing Harsh Noise abuse, forge the bridge over to younger artists like MAAAA’s multi-signal Synth(?) kill & the always awesome Ahlzagailzeguh’s short, brute stuttering overloading sinister intense provocation, the patient destruction and signal mangling mayhem of Deafault, Developer’s frantic impulse cuts and fatal hazard dynamics, Jaako Vanhala’s relatively minimalist baiting grind approach and designed pace of cuts, Purgist’s oscillating loop death and mind numbing in-the-red pitch spikes, Encephalophonic’s delinquent and cruel machinations arrive in perverted desecration of sleaze siren pulse loops brutally cut to ribbons of spiraling shit, Mantichora’s ambience sucking puncture wound Industrial dirge and drag, Kazuma Kubota’s brittle glass shard sculpture resisting cut hammerblows, made in humming beauteous ambience like ants broadcasting signals on polished stone, Jake Vida incorporates disembodied signal-fucked vocal barely recognisable into muddied cut and haywire scramble, Lettera 22 and an unknown artist bringing the comp to a close with audible ambient samples and field recordings and building volume more slowly and sparsely. The compilation flows incredibly well, and every piece single here is marvelous. Discerning between tracks during listening will be a true connoisseur’s challenge, I for one often couldn’t tell where tracks begin and end, particularly as the halfway point rolls past, making the listening experience all the more discombobulating and blissful. Urban Industrial cut up Harsh Noise nirvana. Absolutely imperative.


Sulfuric Cautery has been producing insanely fast blasting, percussive UltraGoregrindcore for a few years now, having released a lot of rightly hyped and prized releases. Here the fellows summon an amalgous miasma of Grindcore and Goregrind with pitilessly heavy Brutal Death Metal intense blast beat exultation lunacy and punk as fuck grinding dissonance and noise; each song is crafted to blast, thrash, slam and smash the everliving shit out of you, and well-crafted it is, too. Overwhelming avalanche of momentous deathly Goregrind style riffs, switching from murdered groove to more noisy Grindcore blur chords, incredibly crazed, hyperblasting, mesmeric drumming careening towards the edge of implosion in it’s pealing speed and precise intensity (Isaac must have three arms and four lungs), and chimeric vocal ranging from babbling, gurgling Gore style to shrieked low/high Grind trade-off style, death growls and rattles, vomitous inhuman bellowing. Sulfuric Cautery aren’t exactly inventing anything here as much as they’re perfecting it adoringly, but this one still feels like a real paradigm trip in it’s chest-crushing blasting density. Crucial! Grindfather still has copies right here.

(Coroner’s addendum; – Author posthumously diagnosed by medical experts as suffering ‘severe scriptoral constipation resultant in exhaustatitve spasmodic effortless-less regurgitations of blast beat superlative descriptors’.)

Goatgrind Records

Terrible Mutilation Records

Murderman is a new project featuring Isaac from Sulfuric Cautery, Flesh Hoot, Mankind’s Devastation, Lurid Panacea, Desairologie and more, and Cody of Sanguisugabogg, Putrid Stu and other projects. 3 short-yet-potent tracks of torso eviscerating brutal grinding Death Metal, inhuman riffage with gnarly blasting drumming and deranged shifted vocal death churn, spewing dynamic and disruptive grinding brutal death! Harkens to a time when Goregrind and Brutal Death Metal were speaking an even more similar language; early/mid 00’s US Brutal Death Metal maiming savagery like Pustulated or Orchidectomy, poisoned with hyperblasting raw as sewage Goregrind ala Last Days of Humanity with percussion-lead dynamic rhythm changes to impulse headbanging and drooling barbaric delight! Warped chugging, pinching atonal riff madness and Gory grooves mangled into form and served with scathing, hissing, gurgle roar vocal. Amazingly savage and violent. Killer black-gloved sadist artwork from Pierre Braindead, too. Fucking marvelous.

Blast Addict

Terrible Mutilation