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LA’s best kept secret & quite possibly the best young grind band in the western hemisphere. Yes, the Happy Pill Trauma demo is finally available to download (and purchase!)!!!!!!

Grindcore as fuck insanity with a dash of straight up punk, this is further proof the new breed is a force to be reckoned with. HPT are truly the best at what they do & manage to do it with only a guitar & some drums. Fuck a bass. The dual vocal attack propels their jams to dangerously awesome levels as well. Valerie (guitar) & Jeremy (drums) come off like old pros & somehow are able to weave their songs into a high energy mixture of catchy thrashy punk & pummeling blast beats. Each track will leave you scratching your head and wondering how the hell they managed to think it up. It’s like watching the crazy Asian kid in a video arcade just annihilate everyone who steps up and puts a quarter into his Street Fighter Alpha game. Combo combo combo BLAST! You’re fucking done! It’s a thing of beauty.

One of the best things about this band is that they are active RIGHT NOW. You can book them in your town. Buy their tapes and cd’s and shirts. DON’T SLEEP ON THIS BAND. This is part of grind history and when they are gone this’ll be one of the bands like Assuck, E.T. & Dahmer that’ll be a fuckin benchmark and standard amongst the greats. You can be part of that right now by supporting these two amazing musicians.



Newest release from Andy Mortville’s whatever project, Dumb Church. This one sounds entirely different from the last; Dumb Church basically exists so that Andy can dick around and record it, and all of these songs were written by him, at work, on his phone. Really low rent/low commitment, but catchy and experimental. Simple arrangements of programmed/manual Drum sample, eBass and soft-ish sung vocal(!?) with some funny non-lyrics, with keyboards and Guitar parts also. The closest to thing Grindcore here is the track ‘Prison Break’ with it’s typewriter blast beat and angry dad vocal. Also, final track ‘My Favorite Part Of You Has Died’ is an awesome, burly Godflesh style piece of Industrial crush. Some tracks seem to share some DNA with some of the Wave/Synth projects I’ve covered else where on GonzoK, with that cheezy Keys/Synth vibe, however this release is far too non-committal and care-free to really be considered a work of genre; my favourite thing about Dumb Church is that Andy clearly couldn’t care less whether anyone likes or even listens to it. There’s much reward in listening to music created for the musician’s personal enjoyment and no one else’s, for me at least. Varied, weird, pointless. Great.

Mortville Noise


Tape release from US Noise unit Pregnant Spore, released on Rainbow Bridge. Two half hour tracks of Ambient Noise; each piece grows like a psychedelic fungi from the speakers, building in density and momentum, filling the lung and mind with blackened psychotropic mold cultures. By the time the harsher pitches and tearing Pulses start bursting from the lower frequencies, you will feel utterly smothered in the alien penicillin sound, with only occasional tonal Drones making you remember your now dormant mammalian brain. Dank, dark and pretty Harsh, but also very minimal and dynamic; HNW this isn’t. Like watching Cordyceps Fungus contaminate and eventually consume a living host.

Rainbow Bridge


Miami Cannibal Massacre is a compilation of mostly American Synth artists released on Playmaker ENT., creating what is essentially the soundtrack to a greasy, grimy 70’s/ 80’s genre film that was never made. Raw, hard Synth tracks, lots of paced out, stalker-ish beats, samples from films, throbbing electronic waves, nods to Dubstep, Big Beat House, Hip Hop, Dance and Vaporwave, and absolutely shit loads of atmosphere and attitude. Some of the tracks clearly come from a Carpenter/Goblin Horror Movie Synth influence, others from a more club music style influence, but both meld together perfectly. Each artist brings a slight variation of Synth worship to the table, creating a heady mix of sounds broaching lots of Wave sub-genres and creating a really cohesive listen. Eclectic, seedy, 80’s and creepy. Personal favourite artists for me are Hauer, Gost, Droid Sector Decay and Arc Neon. Get into it.

Playmaker ENT.


bluntside is a Vaporwave project from Scotland. This ep contains 5 tracks of upbeat, breezy Vaporgazing. Incidental melodies repeated into infinity, cornball RnB vocal sampling and crisp Hip Hop beats coalesce into a sun baked, sci-fi chillout session. This definitely leans harder on the side of Dance/Electronic/Hip Hop than more intentionally obscure Wave projects, and is actually very accessible and not intentionally somnambulist like some other Waver stuff. Includes some absolutely beautiful Piano sampling also, some of which you may recognise from Nujabes’ ‘Modal Soul’ Album. Twinkling, shimmering, smoked out, positive. I love the sourced out cover art for the record too. Recommended coma listening.



Terminator 666 is a Mincecore band from Russia, with the worst band name of all time. So bad in fact that I might be coming round to it. That being said, this demo consists of 13 lo-fi cruddy Minces, with fuzzy grinding Bass, burly grunt vocal and zero subtlety . The production is surprisingly clear for this kind of stuff, being way more on the Punk side of things. The Guitars have a strange thinness to them, but that only adds to the Dimestore vibe, and the tempo is generally mid paced Mince, with some blast beats here and there. Pummeling, stupid and addictive, and recommended!



Garavito is a one man Mincecore project from Sweden, kicking out some particularly noisy, low fi, Noisecore inspired Grind/Mince. Punk as fuck, old school Drumming ranging from ropey blast beats to stomping Mince parts, three chord Bass/Guitar simplicity thrown in with aplomb, and awesome OG devotional low/high Vocal attack. This record reminds me as much of stuff like NYAB or Sore Throat at time as it does Agathocles; this stuff is so raw and noisy that often riffs are lost to the maelstrom, giving the record an old-school Noisecore vibe. Chaotic, messy, burly and harsh. Get into this and get stoked on their upcoming split with Mince maniacs Archagathus!



Blazin’ Ramones worshiping Punk/Rock two piece from the States. Nancy specialises in mid paced 70’s influenced Punk Rock, with Lots of Rock and Roll riffs, tom-heavy Drumming, fuzzy Bass and nasal vocal. Nancy manages to be both breezy and sleazy, catchy and upbeat and yet scuffed and scuzzy, bringing the 70’s vibes and a Pop sensibility simultaneously. Highly recommended if you like your Punk Rock leather-clad, washed up and drunk.