Monthly Archives: July 2015


Soil Of Ignorance is a super fast, super pissed Grindcore band from Canada who’ve been kicking it a few years now. ‘Dealing With The Remains’ presents a step forward in their sound; S.O.I.’s previous efforts have had moments of Deathier, perhaps even Doomier influence, and this newest 7″ really brings these elements forward further. There’s the insane blast beats, building destroying Bass sound and dual burly Vocal, super fast 3 chord Punk sections, elements of Crust and Power Violence, Death Metal and Doom, all hurled together by 3 total pros. This record is absolutely furious, heavy and destructive in all the ways you want. Totally essential Grindcore. Pick one up from Deaf Death Husky Records, Grindfather Productions or Doomsday Machine Records. This fucking Kills!



More ‘Wave sounds from Delta Topco, released on BusinessCasual. Pastel colored samples from long forgotten Pop/Funk artists, Anime, and advertisements are cut and reassembled into a shimmering, cheesy pastiche of Music. Whatever-Wave, big hollow Beats, warped Keyboard Bass, repetition. Chilled out, pointless, recycled consumerist nonsense. A stoned summer’s day in a City of yesterday’s tomorrow; backwards retrofit, HI-DEF abandoned in favor of Betamax. More of the same in an overpopulated internet ‘genre’, but whatever, I think this one’s good.



HUH is a two piece from Japan, playing some awkward, otherworldly rehearsal room Jams. This stuff is completely free associative, meandering, and northless, sounding like the true improvisation it likely is. A bizarre concoction of utterly minimalist recordings based largely in silence, seemingly cut off at random points, combined with louder, more involved Avant Garde freakouts. There’s yelpy madman Vocal, lots of effects, random instruments and percussion punching in and out, the occasional atonal all-together-now blasting commonly found in Noisecore and a truly wild and carefree spirit. This is barely music, beyond even the lower forms of Noise, Free Jazz and other affiliated styles, and obviously that is no bad thing. Brightly random, nonsensical and befuddling, and lots of fun indeed.



Compilation of old Hardcore covers released on Purulent Sounds. The bands here represent a good cross section of current Noise Rock, Power Electronics and Harsh Noise artists, each a delivering an inevitably destroyed, noisy and on occasion frankly unrecognisable version of a Hardcore classic. Walls of siren calling feedback, lumbering static drenched Noise Rock plodding, near-spoken word Vocal  over fizzing machine Electronics. Nasty and degrading. 1/4 Dead, Bloated Subhumans, Scab Addict, Crustgirls and Garbage Mask provide my favorite tracks, but they’re all good, each track cohesing into a shambling, gross covers record. Cool idea, well executed.