Blotter Acid Eucharist is the Psychedelic Noise project of J. Randall, utilising Binaural Tones to create sound-scapes of psychoactive auditory hallucination. A single track of sprawling, minimal, ambient Noise, very subtle and soft sounding, with spiraling left/right contrast tones and massive sounding low end dirges of vibration. This stuff is the complete antithesis to Randall’s other Noise projects (Seal Team 666, Japanese Torture Comedy Hour), and will appeal more to fans of Dark Ambient and Soundtrack Noise rather than Harsh stuff. I found this release to be extremely trippy and at least suggestively psychoactive; the effects of Binaural Tones vary from listener to listener, so I would advise listening to this without any hopes of getting high, rather enjoy it for what it is. A very passive listening experience, this must be listened to on headphones, and you should download the lossless FLAC file version for optimum effect. Very interesting.



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