Second release from J. Randall’s Gorenoise/Noisecore effort Ultracide. 18 tracks of utterly manic Noisecore blur with full retard  gurgle/roar pitch shifted vocal, Bass Noise slaw and crazed, nauseating Drum programming. Crushing, noxious spore cloud Gore smothered in sloppy, fuzzy Noise. If I’m not mistaken, (I might be), the drums here are manually played on either a drum pad or a touchscreen. It’s interesting to hear Randall turn his hand to anything Gore related, and while I suppose it’s a shame there’s none of his trademark cynical lyrics, the song titles more than make up for it, and this kind of crap is a perfect vehicle for his cryptic sense of humor. This weirdly reminds me of the Agoraphobic Nosebleed demo and the  Clean Plate 7″; Ultracide makes me nostalgic for the old, freaksauce ANb material, before the riffs. Other sonic references can be made to Last Days Of Humanity and Gore Beyond Necropsy. All around an awesome release, here’s hoping to more in the future since Seal Team 666 got name-jacked by Hollywood. Next!



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