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Sorry goregrind goobers & mincecore meatballs, but scary lo-fi murder punk is the sexy hot flavor those dang underground bandcamper kids wanna suck down this season. Hell, take a gander at Iron Lung Records/Youth Attack/ect’s latest crop of stuff & you’ll see what I mean. And when digging through the proverbial fruit bucket of similar bands you’re bound to find a supremely juicy one. Here I present this plumper:
Fashion Change blast out 10 minutes worth of grating intense Negative Approach style hardcore mixed with Flipper-infested groove with a dash of Crossed Out on this tape. Mix it with an almost hypnotic feedback & background hiss that makes it feel like you stumbled across some gross ancient hardcore demo tape made by bad people & you have a most memorable listening experience. The six songs seem longer than they are, each one having their own specific vibe. It’s not fast. But it also kind of IS in a weird way, with the almost tribal-like drums & building waves of distortion crashing like rusty cars being demolished. And after it’s over you’ll wish it kept going because it’s also extremely catchy. You won’t get out of this without listening to it at least twice. Heavy, gross, depressing, but also super fucking energetic & groovy as all hell. Track this tape down & pray to your weird Henry Winkler bedroom shrine that they put another release out some day because this rips. This feels like a 1 and done but you never know.


Two track cassette on the excellent Deathbed Tapes. Overtures to a planet disembowelled… Wood reads the Bastardkind/Mancruel it’s obit and begs the meteors to arrive… total misanthrope passion and immutable outrage at the death of the mother earth… sonic extremity and vocal psychological force, writhing sonic cataclysm chopped into squirming sound pieces, enormous, enveloping production – full-bore harsh Electronics and Insect Ambient, whispering troglodyte, screaming ID. Detailed and designed – recalls their masterwork ‘Rogue Astronaut’ in it’s masterful applications of signal source audial hellfire to stimulate vast cinematic visions of the future’s end, alien electronics weapons discharge and mutant Power Electronics ambient Industrial shifts. Most of the sounds present here would seem to emanate from futurist TROGOTRONIC hand and hoof audial sources, rather than the Barnes ROARAFC handmade synthesis of archaic and ancient origin, with the additional appearance of a guest ‘being’ of equally non-human ideology and devotion on track two. Absolute fucking power!

Deathbed Tapes

Here we have a massive collection of practically every recording by the mythic Los Angeles 2 man grindcore unit Goner. Take Excruciating Terror, add an angry chimp with diarrhea, then speed the tape up a few clicks & you have a rough idea of what you’re dealing with. Pretty much unreal fast as shit hyper grind that manages to stay groovy & interesting while succumbing to zero of grindcores later day shortcomings (trading in riffs for speed or choking on chugga chugga metal bro bullshit). Over the short time they existed the duo managed to get most of their material recorded in someway or another, though as you can hear throughout the CD they never managed to make it into an actual studio, which is almost criminal, but only further adds to their “what could have been” status considering the level of talent residing behind these tunes. Despite these shortcomings (Hope you like drowned out crash cymbal noise) you can 100% still detect the power behind every blast, growl & chord. As the years go by Goners legend only grows, mainly amongst the saucy west coast twenty-now-thirty-something young adults who came out to their shows & mp3 swapping hot pocket grind nerds online (probably you), building a strange legacy that parallels LAHC demi-gods The Stains: Rough, abrasive, a little scary & straight from the streets. Goner continues to be one of the ultimate “you shoulda’ been there” grind bands & with good reason.