Monthly Archives: October 2014


Just over 7 minutes of Noisecore irritant in your delicate ear hole from Slovakia’s Sedem Minut Strachu. Totally blown out, destroyed Noisecore barrage. Analogue noise poured molten-hot all over everything, pre-neanderthal bellowed Vocal throat destruction, inaudible Guitar/Bass strangulation, blast beats. Perfection. 7MON, Deche Charge, WORLD. Utter, furious savagery. Just get it.



Third release from Grunge/Stoner band Trevor’s Head. These guys are local to me, are good friends and therefor I’ve been seeing them live for a few years now. With this release, they’ve done a good job of nailing down their fluid influences of Stoner Rock, Blues and Grunge into a cohesive, fun, surprisingly fast and unpretentious brew. Huge melodies, interesting lead work, spectacular Drumming and clear yet rugged Vocal. At once sleazy, spacey and catchy, with lots of Metal-ish Guitar parts, noodling Bass and Pop/Rock hooks. The tempo ranges from tripped-out hippy speed parts into stomping space-travellin’ mid-tempos, the lyrics are the right balance between Boob Rock sophomoric rambles and rabble rousing choruses, and the production’s warm, buzzing, and well suited. A fine effort from some local fools who now owe me beer.



Prurient, vile Goregrind from the States. FRGS are good at bringing something slightly different to the table, slowing their utterly disgusting Gore slop down to a mid pace often, letting those Death Metal and Doom influences creep through. Clicky Drum Machine hammering, thick Guitar wall riffs and fucked up sewer Vocal puke. The Doom riffs that crop up give the slower moments lots of punch, and the Drum Machine sounds genuinely terrible and unwieldy in the way P.A.M. records do; the best possible way. Sludgy, outsider, Gore-niche madness. Gross.



Trippin’, time travelling’ Drone/Rock from France. Totally enveloped in a repeat-forever, devotional Kraut Rock overdrive, with warm Guitar fuzz and cold Drum Machine click. Expansive, multi layered, introverted and utterly absorbing. The sounds meander to and fro, expanding single guitar phrases into heady, hypnotic mission to Mars experience. Minimalist, well crafted and really enjoyable. There’s a darker side to this also, with sort of Doom-ish passages bringing something relatively heavier to this space travelogue. You can really lose yourself in this one, highly recommended!



Grievious is a two piece Black Metal/Punk band from Canada. They play a creepy crawling, spooky style of dungeon Punk with a Black Metal influence, with a hint of old style Death/Doom. Distant Drums, spectral Guitars and utterly necrotic, mouldy Vocal. Blast beat parts, badly played Black Metal riffs, totally bone-headed but kind of played straight(?). They have a pretty unique sound, very strange and kind of stupid sounding. The Vocal in particular is fucking weird, with a really goofy/creepy sound, all warbling all over the place, death rattlin’ and groaning, then exploding into furious roars. Bleak, ropey and Punk. I can see fans of TRVE Black Metal hating this kind of stuff. Really cool.