Mind fracturing Pulsing Harsh Noise from Kenny Sanderson A.K.A. FACIALMESS. Coils of sound unravel, leaving moments of near silent Ambience from which to draw breath, between noxious suffocating blasts of Pulsed/warped Harsh Noise, with the expressed intent of smashing animal experimentation; the ‘Total Libertaion’ referred to in the record’s title. Brief moments of pained, shouted vocal and short anti-vivisectionist samples add a nice accent to an already confusing and illogical listen. The sounds here are very reverent to Japanese Noise artists/records from the 90’s; the record I think this reminds me of most is Kazumoto Endo’s ‘When You Were Out’, a personal favourite record of mine. Endo’s contaminated sampling and back-and-forth cut up style are very much present here, and these two tracks have little forward momentum, rather they spin from sound to sound, utterly disorientating and battering the listener with myriad distortion, sample, texture and timbre. An excellent release.

GK#65 / Pro Noise.07


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