Nearly 13 minutes of Crusty Mince/Grindcore from US band Biocidio. Fairly groovy, classic sounding Mincecore/Grindcore done the right way. They do a good job of balancing the D beats and blast beats, and there’s plenty of mid paced Death Metal-ish stomp here too, as well as an (un)healthy dose of ripping Crust, and loads of catchy three chord Punk style parts. The vocal is a classic Grindcore low low grunt, perfectly suited to this style. Production is raw but thick and meaty, making those stomping, Mincing parts really swing and the Guitars/Bass sound girthy as fuck. Reminds me of Dirsupt, Agathocles, Rot, Excruciating Terror or Subcut. Really, really enjoyable tape, get into it!


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