Fikigu is a Grind/Noisecore band from Brazil. ‘Atako Sona’ is 8 tracks of ropey, punked out Grind slop with a very low rent recording quality, lots of Mincing parts, lots of three chord punk rock Guitar parts and weird, groaned low vocal/squawk vocal. The drumming in particular is very sloppy and ropey, and the Guitar has a pretty thin sound. However, I feel like the somewhat crappy nature of some of the playing here only contributes to that all fun, no talent Noisecore vibe. Although this record is in many ways lacking in quality, it reminds me of bands like Agamenon Project, Agathocles or perhaps more recently Cacasonica. A short release, one for those who like their Grind/Noisecore crappy, fun and totally un-serious/un-metal. Garbage.



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