Creepy weirdo sounds from Albert Tross. Ambient, claustrophobic, minimalist sounds stretched out and looped, creating an unsettling vibe of shady lurkers and nasty stuff. Creepy things slithering about. Sub human creatures wallowing in the darkest crypts. More tape loop/sound collage than harsh, very lo fi and low rent. As always with Albert Tross, there’s a very fine line here between goofing off and menacing, and this record walks back and forth across it often.  As silly and weird as Albert Tross’ brand of Noise is, the sounds present here are dynamic and keep the ear engaged. I also really like the kitchy cover image with the 1970’s colours, an aesthetic that totally matches the Twin Peaks style nightmare within. Definitely not Harsh Noise, but if you enjoy your sounds Ambient, impenetrable and cinematic you’ll dig this. Deeply troubling and un-nerving, like tripping balls in your Grandmother’s living room.



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