Newest release from Sci-Fi Gore project 30XX, here operating via two cyborg conduits, GOREMAN X and W1NTERMUT3. 30XX’s usual blending of Goregrind and Wave music/Electronics/Dance is here abstracted further, into a sound far closer to Gorenoise. Screes of Electronic Pulse, dense cataclysmic Noise and sub human vocal grunt, completely maligned by effects, with some occasional traditional vocal shout, and of course endless L.D.O.H. style blast beats. There’s bits and pieces of more traditional Electronica/Dance fare, adding another element to the mix of noises. As far as Gorenoise goes this stuff is not the gnarliest by far, with plenty of room for differentiation of sounds rather than a full on Wall of Electronic Noise. This reminds me a lot of a more static, less chaotic Kusari Gama Kill, and I’m really digging this slight sidestep from 30XX. If you dig it too, snag a tape for $5.



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