Chulo totally rules. Exactly the kind of blown out, bass heavy, sociopathic Grindcore I’m always in the mood to hear. Lo-fi, unbelievably pissed, deprived and hungry. Moody Sludge parts, lightning fast Grindcore bursts, samples and insane bellow/shriek vocal. Cruelty, abject cruelty. The four-track hissing recording does this record many favours; Chulo really do have that ‘Power Violence’ vibe/sound that so many of these younger Hardcore bands aspire to, that raging, dangerous and nihilistic feel. Think more Crossed Out than M.I.T.B. There’s a definite Noisecore type sound present here also, and at times ‘Odio A Primera Vista’ sounds like ‘Open Wound’ era Warsore or Noisecore era Violent Headache. Ingest cocaine, extort small businesses.



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