Metastasis is a Grindcore/Gore band from Canada. This demo is 8 short blasts of uproarious Goregrind. Crushing Guitar sound, blastbeats, stampeding Mince parts, horrible gurgle vocal and a very raw, Punk attitude. There’s a certain Anarcho/Crust vibe here also, although it’s not overbearing, but there’s definitely a nod towards stuff like Disrupt or Massgrave. As far as I can tell, Metastasis is themed around the destruction of natural resources, and the general rape of the Earth by human hands. This gets the band points from me, because their message isn’t berating and they avoid played out Gore tropes. Environmentalist Goregrind? Sure. This is for fans of new school Gore/Mince like Hyperemesis, Pyemesis, Urologist or Parazitozis. Rotten.



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