An amazing split between two diverse Noise dealers. Marion Barry is a Grindcore/Power Violence two piece from California, Seal Team 666 is Jay Randall’s Noise unit out of Massachusetts. The three Marion Barry tracks here are from various recording sessions, and are each previously unreleased. Live Grindcore/Hardcore madness, parlay smokin’ electronic Noise and insane, sampled Ebonics. Short and sweet, super raw and irreverent. A potent mix of the styles Marion Barry deals in. The Seal Team 666 tracks are Pulse/Cut up resurrections of sections from the revered Merzbow release ‘Pulse Demon’. Punishing, unbearable Pulses of warped Harsh Noise, cuts and oscillation scattered with samples from ‘Dolemite’. I like the self reflection of remixing/reusing a record that probably is a big influence on Randall and ST666, and the concept works well sonically also. A great collision of sounds, and all around a cool split.


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