Yet another band from Andy of the mighty Mortville Noise, unfortunately now defunct. Billy Crystal Meth play crushing Sludge/Doom; instrumental, droning Sludge with more traditional Doom parts, super ponderous trudging melody and hard hitting Drums. In terms of tempo the record is pretty dynamic, ranging from torturous, creeping Doom parts to more upbeat Metal sounding parts. This reminds me of a bizarre mix between Unsane, Autopsy and Winter. There’s no songs about Satan or Weed, and for the most part ‘Meth Metal’ avoids boring Doom tropes, which is always a plus. Final track ‘Frostilicus’ is a 27 minute, epic Sludge feast, which finishes out the record with a nearly 20 minute(!) Guitar drone. If your a fan of Andy’s numerous other projects you need to get this one. Great Artwork too!



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