This is another release I found trolling around on the Amphibian Worship blog. There’s no info for Gorejira at the blog, so I have no idea if this is another brainchild of Big Frog but I wouldn’t be surprised. One track of blasting, filthy, Kaiju obsessed Gorenoise. Crackling, rumbling Noise smothered over insane, frantic drum programming, with sick vomit vocal and loads of samples from Kaiju movies. If it’s Guitars or Bass making those sounds they’re completely unrecognisable as instruments, rather sounding like septic Harsh Noise. The samples give this release a fun, unserious vibe, even if on the whole ‘Citystomper’ sounds like a Kaiju monstrosity made of sewage stomping on Tokyo. Enjoy!

Mediafire – Linked from Big Frog’s Amphibian Worship blog


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