Noothgrush _ Suppression Split

A pairing of US giants. Two of the best underground bands from the 90’s. An impossibly brief collision of Doom, Noise, Grindcore, of abject misery and innate fury. Two of my favourite bands. A Grindcore Karaoke release, from a long forgotten Heart Plug release attempt, also released on 5″ wax on Fuck Yoga and Blow The Reactors. Noothgrush deliver crawling, Punk-inflected Doom full of hate, hardship and RIFF. Thick crushing Guitars, minimalist, hard hitting Drumming and throaty vocal torment. Sludgy and raging, yet inert, ponderous and melancholic. Noothgrush balance the rage and sorrow like no other; easily one of the best at what they do. Suppression, on the other hand, sound like the reptilian core of the human brain gone completely haywire. Their track opens with a caustic blast of scraping Power Electronics, before ripping into a wild, frenzied burst of 90’s Hardcore/Grindcore unparalleled in left-field, arty aggression and intent. Rumbling, repetitive Bass lines wobble over hammering nearly blast beats and Jason Hodge’s signature vocal howl. Suppression are again a band that totally define a sound and aesthetic for me. They blow nearly all the Power Violence they were associated with out of the water in terms of pure, unadulterated speed and intensity, and their bugged out, paranoid vibe is uniquely defined through Hodge’s excellent lyrics. If you’re reading this review and haven’t downloaded this record yet, please do, and also drop some credits on a physical copy if you can. The special edition version comes with a puzzle!



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