Never before have I felt so stupid ignoring a record because of the terrible album artwork. Don’t get me wrong, the art for Russian two piece Inopexia’s ‘Myocardical Biopsy Had a Lethal Outcome’ is as rubbish as they come; highlighting the infantile fecal obsession of many of the Goregrind underground’s artists past and present. Rubbish enough that I ignored this record for a very long time, despite a glowing review from the always reliable Free To Grind blog, in which Evan actually highlighted the bad artwork. But I was so, so wrong to ignore this record. This is one of the most punishing, gnarly and downright disgusting Goregrind records I’ve come across in recent years. The Drums are basically the most accurate LDOH worship ever. There is a literal ton of blast beats on these songs, with the most ringy ringin’ Snare you could want, but there’s also lots of quick fast tempo changes, and technically there’s some seriously impressive patterns in the lightning fast fills and Punked out Thrash parts. The Guitars are thick and putrid, noxious and crushing, with a fair amount of hooks and groove for a record so noisy. And the vocal is some of the most foetid, vomiting roaring puke this side of Gorenoise. The best thing about the vocal is that he manages to sound actually pissed of and raging, something many Gore Gurglers lack. This record basically walks a very thin line between older, groovier Goregrind, out and out Gorenoise wall and Crusty Grindcore, with a sense of dynamics often lacking from such sounds. Completely essential.



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