The self titled album from Canadian three piece Six Brew Bantha, a record dropped in 2012 to lots of well-deserved hype. Six Brew Bantha’s furious, raging Grind is augmented with a comparatively clean, loud production, and ends up sounding a little like a Grindcore Haymaker, if that makes any sense. These songs flail wildly from out and out Grindcore into swingin’, stompin’ Hardcore sections, Death Metal(ish) serpentine riffs and the occasional un-distorted Math/Jazz part, all written expertly into cohesive, memorable Grindcore songs. The Guitar combines grimy Punk riffs with massive, toxic production, the Drumming is extremely tight and fast, with a really awesome rimshot Snare sound, and the three headed vocal attack offers a lot of variation, unifying the combination of sounds Six Brew kick out. This band well defines why Canada is a total hot bed for Grindcore and Noise of all shapes and sizes, combining different elements of UG sounds into this absolute beast of a record. Whether you like the metallic side of Grind like Nasum or Rotten Sound, or whether you like your Grind gritty and raw like Agathocles or Warsore, there’s gonna be something here for you. I may be more of a fan of their demos and splits, but this record is still fantastic. Go get it!


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