Savage shockwave Stenchcore from Crust warrior cult Nuclear Death Terror. ‘Equinox’ stands amid their fearsome discography as the furthest within an epic Stenchcore sound with lots of Metal influence, melted skylines and carbonised thrashing bodies, dynamic cloud burning mid-paced deathfog of Metalpunk! Snaking, chugging Metal riffage with moments of clean, downcast melody slung across hard driving deathgroove Crustcore, muscular Bass and concussion Drums march fearlessly into the mushroom cloud of tomorrow’s end, distorted deathly cruster vocal, scalding lead Guitars sounding a demented funereal dirge, hefty heavyweight production – merciless and miserable, Geiger counters screaming as the clock strikes midnight, mankind in the motherfucking microwave!  Despite being only three tracks long ‘Equinox’ leaves a marring impression, like a putrid blood and mercury taste in your mouth, crammed with murderous riffing and hopeless stench atmospheres to ride out the slow-motion apocalypse. Get disintegrated.


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