I found this trawling through To Live A Lie’s main label page on bandcamp and realising that they separately host a bunch of their older releases here, all available to download for free. Lapse’s complete discography, lean and mean as FUCK brutal Hardcore/Grindcore amalgam, pummeling limb crushing arrangements switch tempos from smash and grab grinding blast to slow beatdown toothless carnage, ugly and nasty like a spiked fucking bat – bright burning Guitar, mid Bass strangle/bulge, stacked snappy drumming and baited breath teeth gritted/low burly vocal of outsider pain and rage. I first discovered Lapse from their excellently savage split with Eddie Brock (tracks 1-3 here, some of their best), and I’m chuffed to have gotten around to listening to the rest of their killer output. A Hardcore/Grind alloy to alienate yourself from your ‘peers’.

To Live A Lie

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