Split between Captain Three Leg and Japanese band Mamarracho. Captain Three Leg’s material is a combination of Harsh Noise, strange outsider electronics, movie samples and muffled drum machine something-core. Totally destructive vocal crush raging over thin sounding Keyboard and Guitar, with trademark C3L ballistic Noisecore explosions all over the songs. The Noise stuff here is hard to describe. It’s Harsh Noise, droning and chaotic, and despite being very caustic and difficult it’s goofy and kinda corny. I dig. The Mamarracho side is totally unique sounding. It’s weirdly Jazz-ish, there’s nods to whacked-out Space Rock and Post Punk, totally dismantled blast beats, Hip Hop beats, garbled Vocal, Ambient Noise passages, basically a real treat for the ears and senses. It flits from sound to sound deftly whilst maintaining a sense of cohesion from track to track. I’ve listened to their side of this split countless times, and every time I hear something fresh. In every respect this is an essential listen for fans of a true Northless, weirdo, Gonzo underground. Strange, very strange…


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