Short, sour split between Noisecore units S.T.D.F.N. and Terrorist Financing, released on the ever weird Prime Eggsample. Terrorist Financing first, doing their best WORLD impression and pulling it off rather nicely (nastily?). 2 minutes of short, high-tempo Noisecore blasts. Torrential blast beats under squalling, dense feedback Noise garbage and raging angry Vocal, with pure Noise/Vocal parts in the WORLD style. S.T.D.F.N offer a similar experience, with 2 short tracks of clicking drum machine throb replacing live Drums, crackling, kind of low-key Noise and bellowed Vocal. Both sides compliment each other perfectly, the intense pairing making for some really enjoyable, angry as piss and not jokey Noisecore nonsense. If you dig this, grab a tape from the Noisedad right here. Furious.

Prime Eggsample

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