BLACKPHONE666 is a Noise project from Japan, here released on Pro Noise. Just under 14 minutes of dense, swirling portals of Harsh Noise hypnosis, layers of cacophony applied in ways the masters would applaud. Based on a martial structure of wax and wane pitch crush and frequency crumble, building casually to orgasmic climaxes and plummeting into abrupt silence.  Dub sirens and split seconds of Vocal toast occasionally rupture the pure Harsh sound, making aesthetic nods to Reggae and Dub, sound war style, further confusing the baffled mind’s ear, before huge concussive bass drops round out this charming release. Although massively harsh, crushing and alienating, this stuff is textured, dynamicaly intriguing and engaging, in that intangible ‘Dynamic’ Noise way. The kind of Noise I’m always in the mood for.

Pro Noise.23

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